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Inner Child Healing - Can It Help You Live Your Best Life?

Inner Child Healing - Can It Help You Live Your Best Life?



When you get that wake-up call that things need to change for you… then what? Where do you go from there???


Healing the things that are impacting you is what helps you live your full purpose and begin to create change.  


“It’s easier to be me!” is one of my favorite things to hear my clients say. They’ll tell me that they feel lighter and it’s just easier to be themselves. 


I want this for you too. 


Our healing comes up when we’re ready to heal it. You’ll start seeing signs, and you’ll know when you are ready. This episode is here to help you understand what those signs look like and how to begin healing intuitively. 

Find more information here.

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How to Cleanse a New Home Before Moving In.

I was recently asked to collaborate with other spiritually-minded people about clearing your home from unwanted energy. Redfin Blog has given you many ways to make a new home yours by clearing out the old energy. 

If you have been following me for a while, you know the importance of clearing your space. This article talks about moving into a different home and what you can do to clear the energy and make it your own. 

Please check out this very enlightening article and leave some love while there.





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Keeping your Vibration High

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2022

 Keeping your Vibration High


It can be challenging to stay out of old patterns on this healing journey if you are like me.

I have spent 15 plus years trying to navigate this healing journey, and because of my trials and errors, I feel like I can help you avoid some of the common mistakes that can drag us down.



Let’s chat about trash talk.


Getting caught up in trash talk is a BIG PROBLEM; let me tell you why.

We can feel like we need to vent, as women can get deep into this.

Needing to vent is one thing, hours of coffee time and bashing others is where we get into trouble.

We all have an energy field. It is made up of our beautiful energy system. This energy system runs through the entire inside of your body and creates a bubble of energy on the outside of your body. This Energy System is full of information about ourselves. It holds the secrets, or what we think are secrets, inside the subtle energy field. When you do things that build it up,...

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Are you feeling a bit out of control?

We have all been suffering the past year and a half. Nothing that is going on seems fair or makes sense.

Are you feeling a bit out of control?

Those feeling of being out of control can send us into survival mode. Afraid to move, afraid to do anything.

If you are watching the news, this can make these feelings worse. We can make rash decisions that we later regret when decisions come from this place of fear.

Living in fear changes who we are. Staying in this place of fear can cause problems for us later when this fear becomes the way we learn to survive.

The good news is we don’t have to stay here; it is a choice to remain in fear, just like it is a choice to move into love and trust.

Just a little bit of hope and love can go a long way. We can’t control what the world chooses to do, and we can’t influence politics or even Covid 19, but we get to decide how we deal with it.

We have no control over death or life, but we get to control the way we choose to...

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Spiritual Awareness

I talked to my copywriter this week, Nicole Strychaz, and we were reminiscing about the early days of starting our business. We chatted about what we used to talk about with our clients, and funny thing, we both spoke about the same thing.

You see, we have a lot in common for sure. We went back to basics and talked about how our passion was this one subject.

That subject is expansive yet small—big yet little.  

That subject was 

Spiritual awakening/ living a spiritual-minded life.

That’s right. When we both started, our passion was this topic, and that topic is just as important today as it was so many years ago. 

I have always had a desire to teach others how to become spiritual-minded! To learn to live up to their full potential in the physical form. 

WE forget why we came here. There is so much more to life than growing up, paying the bills till we die, which sounds awful. 

Even when I was just a small child, I remember thinking there had...

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Healing Misconceptions

energy healing inner child Sep 29, 2021


Are you ready to heal?


Everyone has healing to do

Our past has created the reality you live in RIGHT NOW.

Are you happy with that reality???

If not, let's do something about it!!!


Healing misconceptions.


Healing misconceptions #1


I had a great childhood; I don't need healing.

FALSE. We all had situations that have created where we are today.

For some, it was a minor trauma. You lost your blanket, and your mom told you to get over it; it’s time to grow up.

For others, it was a more significant thing. Death, feeling abandoned, the stories we told ourselves about why your mom or dad was absent from your life.

WE HAVE ALL CREATED STORIES ABOUT WHY LIFE IS THE WAY IT IS, and we created those stories about us!! We have made those stories all about why we are unlovable and unworthy of amazing things.


Healing misconceptions #2


Healing is only for those that are strong.


FALSE. Healing is for those that are ready for...

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How Does Intuitive Healing work

How Does Intuitive Healing Work?

Intuitive healing is a fantastic process that an experienced healer can provide to help individuals work through their past. Healing Methods are used for anyone open to energy and looking for unconventional ways to heal the body, mind, and soul.

Intuitive healing is a process that channels healing into finding and releasing old beliefs, energy, and emotions and allowing the body to come back into energetic balance. This process is a guided process for those that desire to heal themselves.

Working with a healer is a fantastic experience that will change your life and your family’s lives. You will gain insight into yourself and why you feel and see the world as you do. It can be genuinely transformational.

There is an immediate feeling of change inside the body. Most describe it as a heavy feeling of being released and leaving behind a lighter, more vibrant sense of peace and happiness. When done correctly, these changes happen almost...

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What is Intuitive Healing?

What is Intuitive Healing?

The word Intuitive has been thrown around a lot these days. Everyone seems to use this word. But what does it refer and how does it relate to healing?

The word “Intuitive” means:

Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; Instinctive.

Intuition is something we are all given. We all have it. Intuition is our compass, if you will, for our human experience. Intuition is the part of you connected to your higher self, that all-knowing part, that all-understanding part of you.

We all have "what I call" intuitive hits every day. Turn here while you are driving. Stop here, and you run into someone that you have meant to call. Take a rain jacket on a sunny day, and it ends up raining. Of course, you ignored this one because it sounded CRAZY at the time.

So now we understand Intuition!?!

What is healing intuitively? 

Healing happens when we allow the past energy and beliefs to move through our systems. As life...

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Want to live a more spiritually-minded life?


Want to live a more spiritually-minded life??

Check out my Five steps to success for living a spiritually-minded life!

What the hell is that??

Well, let me explain.

We all come from spirit first. We started as a spirit, then we received our physical body and went on with life as a physical soul. We are spirit first, human 2nd.

As this human life takes over and we create beliefs and feelings, we tend to forget that our emotions become our emotions, and later they create an identity for us.

We forget that we are unlimited souls first as we go about our physical existence. When you hear about the awakening or “waking up,” this is being discussed.

It’s all about returning to the fundamental belief that we are spirit first. We are all Infinite Beings that have unlimited potential.

So how do we start this process?

I will give you some basic steps for waking up so you can start seeing your source’s eyes, start opening up to the basic knowledge you can be, and do...

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Full Moon Healing With Gina Strole and Rini York. You can find out more about Rini at


Full Moon Healing

What is all the hype about the full moon? I mean, seriously, It happens every month, and what is the big deal? 

Well, let me tell you.  I love the full moon. I love its beauty and its meaning of a beautiful ending to energetic things and an opportunity to set intentions for the new beginnings with a new moon coming after this beautiful moon subsides. 


It also has a downside. The full moon’s energy can create an adverse effect on those sensitive to this Intense energy source.

Let’s back-up and start with the basics. 

 For starters, let’s look at the spiritual meaning. 

 What is the spiritual meaning of the full moon?

 The full Moon shares the symbolism of the circle as an image of wholeness and strength. The Chinese associate it with the essence of Yin and the feminine; to Buddhists, it represents spiritual power. 1

The full moon can allow us to feel energized and social if we tend to be already more...

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