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Gina Strole Intuitive Healing


Hello, I'm Gina

 I am an Author, Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium, and a Spiritual Coach.

I have spent my lifetime learning and healing to bring you the best healing possible. 

I realized in my childhood; I was different. I didn't understand what that meant until many years later. I seemed to see the world through different glasses. 

 In my early adult years, I felt the struggle. I wanted to fit in, to be accepted by everyone.  Growing up, I thought I didn't matter and had to prove myself to everyone. I had been raised in what I considered a very strict religious house, and it was all about being good enough and doing more. I felt I had to prove myself to be seen and heard in my house. So I did; I worked very hard to show everyone I was a great person. 

This only left me feeling like I didn't matter, that the world would never accept me as I was. I found myself sinking into depression and anxiety. 

I medicated for several years until I realized I wanted something different. I wanted something different; I needed to find me!

Who was Gina? Who was I hiding from the world? 

And so, my journey of self-discovery began.

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Early on in my journey, I discovered Intuitive Energy Healing, and fell in love.

I began the quest to figure it all out. I felt like this helped answer the questions I had about myself and life in general.

I realized that I had very keen intuitive abilities that I had been hiding from.

I just knew things about others and myself that didn't always make sense.

The more I studied, I realized that this was a gift.

I had a natural ability to help others to see things in their past and help them to heal from them.

I see things as a movie playing out in my mind.

The stories play out in front of me.

So, I began to learn more so I could help not only myself but I had a strong desire to help others as well. 

I have studied under many mentors and have learned through doing my own healing many techniques and have built up my own intuition so that I can support you on your healing journey. 

I have learned to release pain from the physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual bodies, clearing and removing blocks from the energy system.

Through all of this, the one thing I know is that I am here to help others do their healing work.

I have discovered a way to release the heavy burdens that we place on ourselves, to change the story of "I am not enough" or "I don't matter," too;

"I am here to make a difference." 


I am here to help you step into YOUR healed power.

Are you ready to make the change? 


 I have spent countless hours in my Intuitive Healing Business helping many women heal from the pain and traumas of life.  

I would love to show YOU that YOU have everything you need inside to heal; you need to learn to access that information. 

I have spent the last decade and then some studying and learning so that I can help you access your information for healing.

I am formally trained in several healing modalities with over a decade of Intuitive Healing, mediumship, and Spiritual healing experience.

I tailor healing using a combination of modalities specific to the individual.

I have a keen, intuitive sense and can access your spiritual team to help you achieve the deepest level of healing possible for you. 

I help my clients step out of their shame, guilt, and pain and learn to support themselves through healing practices. 

I also teach others how to do their healing work to create the life they desire. 

I offer a guided VIP 6-month healing program, a private membership group, self-paced classes, and private coaching programs.



"Gina genuinely cares about people and making a difference in their lives. She has provided me with understanding and insight into my own health and ability to heal. This has helped me to make powerful life-changing shifts in my life. I enjoy learning from Gina, her classes are positive and fun. She sparks my curiosity and provides challenging opportunities to learn more about myself and my life experiences. "

Jean Mold
Retired Vice President of Economics Development

"My session with Gina was wonderful! She instantly made me feel comfortable. Her insights were right on and she gave me lots of ideas on why I get and what to do about my headaches. I will definitely be back!"

Amy Rasmussen
Utah Virtual Academy

"Sometimes in life you find people who have a spirit that meshes with yours!!! Gina has that kind of spirit, open and honest and has such a special gift!! I would recommend her to anyone!!"

DeLis Roper

Creating Change from With-in

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Are you ready to let go of pain and be in love with life?

I invite you to join me and make lasting changes. 


πŸ’ŽImagine a day when you feel so in love with life, with your family, and nothing can get you down,

πŸ’ŽFeeling firm and grounded in who you are and where you want to go.

 I teach my clients to stand in their power, live their lives unapologetically, and enjoy feelings of gratitude and love daily.

Are you ready to find that power again?

Join me for in my private healing membership and find YOU again



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Fear Breakthrough Audio.


Gina Strole always knew she was different. As a child, she could sense things that others couldn’t see or hear. She was constantly hearing voices in her head. Growing up in a very religious household that viewed all things supernatural as the devil’s work, Gina worried there was something very wrong with her and prayed for help. 

Everything changed when the family was shaken with the news of her brother’s suicide. Little did she know that her brother’s death would serve as a catalyst in finding her truth, her voice, and her courage to be her authentic self - a medium. 

In this book, Gina Strole shares her journey and insight about walking through the fear of being able to communicate with spirit, letting go of fear-based religious beliefs, and truly coming to a place of glory and gratitude for her gifts and life. If you are someone who is sensitive to energy, struggling with who you are, or afraid of your abilities to communicate with spirit, let Gina Strole guide you to empowerment, confidence, and the freedom to enjoy being you!

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