Gina Strole 

 Intuitive Energy Healer,

 Medium & Spiritual Teacher






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Hi! I'm Gina Strole

I'm an Intuitive Energy Healer, Medium, and a Spiritual Teacher. I hold space for you to heal.

I help women transform their lives and guide them to freedom.

I assist you through the feelings and beliefs that have held you back, helping you to release them.

Guiding you to find peace and live a worry-free life, understanding and believing that you can have the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to begin eliminating old ideas, beliefs, and feelings and replacing them with new ideas?

Healing is all an inside job!!! You have to be ready.

Are you ready to get real and make some lasting changes???


"Gina genuinely cares about people and making a difference in their lives. She has provided me with understanding and insight into my own health and ability to heal. This has helped me to make powerful life-changing shifts in my life. I enjoy learning from Gina, her classes are positive and fun. She sparks my curiosity and provides challenging opportunities to learn more about myself and my life experiences. "

Jean Mold
Retired Vice President of Economics Development

"My session with Gina was wonderful! She instantly made me feel comfortable. Her insights were right on and she gave me lots of ideas on why I get and what to do about my headaches. I will definitely be back!"

Amy Rasmussen
Utah Virtual Academy

"Sometimes in life you find people who have a spirit that meshes with yours!!! Gina has that kind of spirit, open and honest and has such a special gift!! I would recommend her to anyone!!"

DeLis Roper


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[Energy work- Intuitive healing Disclaimer] 
Nothing on this site is intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease – physical or mental. All information provided on this site is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. The purpose of all information provided is to reduce stress, enhance health, and remove any dysfunction in the body’s bio-energetic system due to belief systems.
No information provided is to advise you to discontinue or to avoid medical or psychological consultations. No one connected with Gina Strole Intuitive Healing LLC practices under any license, such as a medical doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, chiropractor, lawyer, nutritionist, or naturopath. Any licensing board in the United States does not currently regulate energetic coaching.

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