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The 10 Most Common Reasons People Seek Mediumship Readings

As a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer, I field many questions about mediumship readings, when to seek one, and whether they can help with certain situations.

Today I’d like to share 10 of the most common reasons people seek out Psychic Mediums and how it helps them on their path. (Find out more about Mediumship readings HERE)

Additionally, I'll share how my personal approach to these readings has evolved over time and what I usually tell my clients.

Here are the 10 Most Common Reasons People Seek Mediumship Readings:


  1. The Desire for Connection:

One of the primary reasons people turn to Psychic Mediums is the profound desire to connect with loved ones who have passed. The need to hear from and reassure oneself about the well-being of those on the other side is a powerful driving force.


  1. Healing Through Spirit Connection:

Mediumship readings offer a unique avenue for healing by creating a direct link with the spirit realm. 

Grief can feel so...

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