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Finding Freedom: My Journey Away from Organized Religion.


There was a time when I realized organized religion was no longer for me. Organized religion provided structure, community, and a sense of belonging. However, as I embarked on my own healing journey and embraced intuitive practices, I discovered there were things holding me back from living my best life. And organized religion was a big one! 

We're raised with so many thought processes and belief systems inside of organized religion that I realized they were not lining up with my goals, where I wanted to go in life, and who I wanted to be. 

These feelings of not being enough, of feeling unworthy, of living my life to hope that in the end, it was enough to be accepted by this God that somehow I was supposed to bow down to and worship and raise him above no other.

This "not enough" narrative weighed heavily on me, urging me to live in constant hope of being accepted by a higher power. It felt like I was supposed to somehow live this impossible life!

The realization became too clear to ignore: organized religion was no longer serving me. It was time to let it go.

Peeling Back the Layers.

Peeling back the layers of these belief systems wasn't easy. They were deeply ingrained, shaping my worldview for years. Yet, a liberating truth emerged with each layer shed: "I am enough." This wasn't just a mantra but a profound knowing that resonated in my core.

My journey shifted from striving for acceptance to celebrating existence. Shedding the burden of proving my worth opened the door to living a life fueled by passion, self-love, and service. The focus shifted from a nebulous future to the joy of the present moment.

Stepping away from organized religion wasn't an act of rebellion but an essential step in my personal growth. It allowed me to embrace a vibrant reality where my actions held intrinsic value, not contingent on an external reward.

This wasn't just about me; it was about empowering others. As an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Medium, I witness countless individuals wrestling with similar narratives. Sharing my story sheds light on the possibility of forging a path aligned with authenticity and self-worth, independent of religious structures.

It's not about judging any particular belief system but about acknowledging the power of individual choice and self-discovery. 

Ultimately, my journey away from organized religion was an act of self-love, paving the way for a life filled with purpose, connection, and the joy of being present in every precious moment.

Here are some insights from my journey that might resonate with those considering a similar path:


  1.   Acknowledge Your Doubts: It's natural to question long-held beliefs. Allow yourself to explore these doubts without judgment. What aspects of your faith no longer align with your values? What questions are stirring within you?


  1. Embrace Self-Discovery: Your journey is unique. Instead of seeking external validation, delve into practices that cultivate self-awareness and intuition. Meditation, journaling, and spending time in nature can be powerful tools.


  1. Redefine "Enough": The feeling of "not enough" often stems from external expectations. Reconnect with your intrinsic worth. You are inherently worthy, just as you are.


  1. Live in the Present: Shift your focus from a nebulous future to the joy of the present moment. What sparks your passion? What actions bring you fulfillment, independent of external rewards?


  1. Find Your Community: Leaving organized religion doesn't mean going it alone. Seek out communities that resonate with your values and offer support on your journey.


Remember: This is your journey, and there's no right or wrong way to navigate it. Trust your intuition, honor your evolving truth, and embrace the freedom to discover who you truly are.

Are you struggling with leaving your core belief system? I would love to work with you. 

You can find more about my time or my work on my website.

Gina Strole Intuitive Healing

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