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Gina Strole

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An Alternative to Psychic Protection: Insights from an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Medium

If you are on the path of Spiritual Development, you’ve likely run into this idea of “Psychic Protection.”

What many spiritual teachers, mediums, and energy healers will tell you is that you need to shield your energy from the onslaught of negative energy out there in the world today.

Some even talk about energy vampires and negative, dark forces that are out to steal your light.

In the realm of energy and spirituality, numerous individuals profess to have all the answers, offering “bubble” methods to help energetic discomfort. 

Many people find comfort in these methods, but it’s an ongoing practice that you have to repeat often, and there may be a deeper, underlying cause for these feelings of psychic attack. 

As an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Medium for over two decades, I’d like to offer a different way to look at Psychic Protection by sharing a different perspective.


Choosing to Embrace Life

Life is a remarkable journey...

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Is life feeling HARD???

Life is full of ups and downs.

We can so easily get stuck in a rut and not even realize it until we have spent months spinning our wheels. It is so easy to forget the things that help us create our best lives and go back to old, unproductive ways.

So, where are you stuck?

Are you finding yourself procrastinating, numbing out, or running from daily tasks?

Is life meaningless, and lost its excitement?

Then, it is time to re-evaluate.

You need to ask yourself some really good questions.

What do you need to do to find the excitement of life again?

Have you forgotten how to have fun?

What can you do to have more fun in your life?

Play is a great way to bring in a higher vibration and start creating the life you desire.

The vibration of play is one of the highest vibrations that we can bring in.

So start doing more things that bring that in for you.

Don't know what brings in that vibration? Then start asking yourself what sounds like something that I could have fun doing today.

And then...

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Living life like you are dying. What death teaches us.

Listening to my husband sleep in the seat next to me as I am driving home after a long week of text messages,  phone calls, and all-around bad news.


I am feeling grateful he is still in that seat. Feeling grateful, I had the moments that morning with him of snuggling a little tighter, telling each other good morning, and enjoying the cooler weather as we stayed a little longer in bed together.

No one is complaining about sleeping in or the time that could have been spent visiting with family. 

You see, we are all in this state. This state of shock!! This state of ”This hasn’t really happened” and feeling a bit numb after the last few weeks of spiritual adventures and heartbreak. 

I am driving in silence, thinking about the events that lead up to today. We received the news of the passing of a great man. A brother, father, and an amazing man, and we are all in shock for sure. 

As I am driving, thinking, and chatting with my guides, my...

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How to Cleanse a New Home Before Moving In.

I was recently asked to collaborate with other spiritually-minded people about clearing your home from unwanted energy. Redfin Blog has given you many ways to make a new home yours by clearing out the old energy. 

If you have been following me for a while, you know the importance of clearing your space. This article talks about moving into a different home and what you can do to clear the energy and make it your own. 

Please check out this very enlightening article and leave some love while there.





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