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Happy clients

Gina has been a pivotal person in my life and has helped me heal so much throughout the years. Inner child healing is challenging work, and she is magnificent at coaching and guiding through those emotions to be a bigger, better you! We have become close friends and someone I can trust and confide in.

~Kyrstin Karen

The magic and power of the session I had with Gina is hard to put into words. I could almost cry writing this because of the transformation that followed my session with Gina. Before the session was just stuck, lack of clarity and confidence. Immediate after I felt this weight lift off of my shoulders and everything shifted. It’s like I finally busted through the cocoon into a butterfly. I cannot thank Gina enough for the energy healing she provided for me. The entire process before, during, and after I felt safe, supported, and guided by Gina. Truly a magical experience!

~Katie Bock

Gina Strole delivers! My experience with Gina was so positive and helpful. She pinpointed exactly what I needed for my healing session from the onset. We did some inner child healing, and I felt so much lighter from it. Gina uses her natural gifts and her lovely gentle approach to hone in on the issues within. After a few days of letting the experience sink in, I write this, and I can honestly say that I feel a burden has been lifted. She is wonderful!

~Georgeane Coleman

While journaling this morning I was pleasantly surprised to feel at peace over some hardships that I was writing down, I have never been much of a journal writing girl but I’m thinking that is about to change! I love to see my own progression as I am writing things down and feeling comfort in knowing it is only a part of my story but not my ending ❤

~DeLis Roper

I decided to get Gina Strole’s Healing Cards because I wanted an Oracle deck with a message of resiliency and nurturing.

As a soul-driven entrepreneur, I find myself frequently pouring from my cup and feeling depleted and overtired.

After using Gina’s Healing Cards consistently,  I’ve found that creating rituals of ease came simply with some encouragement from the cards!

I was surprised with how much better I felt after pulling a card.  My daughters also enjoy this deck and it’s helped us create a more peaceful and loving vibe in our home.

I’m super thankful for Gina Strole’s Healing Cards and highly recommend them to anyone looking for ease and flow in everyday life💛

~Annie Peguero

After my session with Gina, I felt a bit drained. When I signed up for healing, I had no idea what my sessions would be like. I realized during the sessions, I was holding on to a lot of my childhood stuff. We worked through a bunch of things that came up for me. I went to bed early tonight and woke up feeling good still a little foggy but that little girl inside of me is still just smiling and dancing! Which when I looked in the mirror the morning it made me smile because she was smiling! Thank you so much!! Who knew ?!?

Thank you so much

~Luara Muir

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During and after completing your 30-day gratitude challenge, I had experienced so many positive changes, in my life, big and small, that I felt compelled to take the abundance course to continue growing and changing. Yes, I was hoping to create an abundance of wealth for myself and my family in the form of money. I have seen changes in our finances happen even if it was small. But I know that there are other abundances in my life that were meant to happen and continue to happen that are more important than wealth. My family now has the abundance of love and happiness in being together that we have never had. And I know this will continue to grow as I am growing and have faith in myself. I believe these things needed to happen, before abundance in wealth, so that we can all enjoy it together as a family. Since completing the course I have signed up for the Vip packages and have been doing personal healing sessions with Gina. The changes keep coming and I love the person I have become. 

~Sandra Bess


Working with Gina has changed my life. From my very first healing session, I was blown away. Never before have I worked with somebody who is so intuitive and able to do deep healing. She holds a powerful container and knows right where to go and how far to go. As a healer myself, it is necessary for me to get my own healing sessions. Last year I took a few classes and had a few healing sessions. This year I knew that if I did one thing for my healing, it had to be Gina's sessions, so I signed up for her VIP 6-month healing program. I have searched my life for miraculous healing, and let me tell you; this is the place. I now have on-demand access to my intuition and spirit communication. I have the validation I needed to finally create the spiritual business I have dreamed of as a spiritual guide, helping others bring in their magical gifts. I have confidence in my abilities. I have healed trauma from childhood abuse and have rewritten ancestral patterns. I have led the way in healing dysfunctional relationships in my whole family. Because of this, I now have the most amazing relationship with my children, my spirit team, and most importantly, with myself. In addition to that, every time I have a session with Gina, I am so aligned that new clients just come to me immediately! Gina, your healing is a gift that is hard to put words to. You really have to experience it for yourself.

-Rini York, Rennaissance Healer. Astrologer. Spiritual Guide.

Meet Gina

Gina Strole

Intuitive healer, Medium, Psychic and Spiritual Coach.

As a former Event Photographer has put her camera down to step into her true calling.   She has always had abilities and has spent her life learning to use them. She now workers with women all over the world to help them step into their power. She is best known for clearing out old beliefs and energy blocks to help her clients feel better about life, about themselves, and the world around them. You can find out more about Gina below.

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