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Clear Limiting Beliefs & Heal: A Powerful 4-Step Process


Clear Limiting Beliefs & Heal: A Powerful 4-Step Process


Embarking on a healing journey is both exciting and daunting. It requires confronting our deepest thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, some of which may have been ingrained for years. But through this journey, we find liberation and transformation.

Today, I want to share a method that's been instrumental in my own healing – a method for clearing out old blocks and beliefs, making space for growth, authenticity, and self-love.


Step 1: Unleash Your Inner Voice – Freewriting for Emotional Release


The first step is tuning into yourself. Give yourself permission to express your thoughts and emotions freely, without judgment. I call this "word vomit." Simply grab a pen and paper, and let your thoughts flow freely. Start with "I am feeling..." and see where it takes you. No need to filter or censor – just be fully present with whatever arises.


Why it Works: Free-writing helps uncover...

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“The Surprising Cause for Energy Healing Back Slides and How to Avoid Them”

Have you ever experienced the frustrating cycle of leaving an energy-healing session feeling rejuvenated, only to wake up the next day feeling like a nervous wreck? 

What can feel like a backslide in your healing journey is often an indication that your nervous system is in dire need of healing and regulation. 

It’s similar to seeing a chiropractor for a physical adjustment, only to go home to the same routine that is causing you pain in the first place. The physical relief is temporary if you aren’t able to alleviate the root cause.

On your energy healing journey, the root cause of these backslides and often anxious feelings has to do with your autonomous nervous system.

Today, I’m sharing the importance of not only healing the nervous system but, equally crucial, knowing how to face this challenge in the future because I assure you, you will run into triggers in life, and knowing how to handle them is key to your ability to reap the rewards of the...

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How to Cleanse a New Home Before Moving In.

I was recently asked to collaborate with other spiritually-minded people about clearing your home from unwanted energy. Redfin Blog has given you many ways to make a new home yours by clearing out the old energy. 

If you have been following me for a while, you know the importance of clearing your space. This article talks about moving into a different home and what you can do to clear the energy and make it your own. 

Please check out this very enlightening article and leave some love while there.





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Full Moon Healing With Gina Strole and Rini York. You can find out more about Rini at


Full Moon Healing

What is all the hype about the full moon? I mean, seriously, It happens every month, and what is the big deal? 

Well, let me tell you.  I love the full moon. I love its beauty and its meaning of a beautiful ending to energetic things and an opportunity to set intentions for the new beginnings with a new moon coming after this beautiful moon subsides. 


It also has a downside. The full moon’s energy can create an adverse effect on those sensitive to this Intense energy source.

Let’s back-up and start with the basics. 

 For starters, let’s look at the spiritual meaning. 

 What is the spiritual meaning of the full moon?

 The full Moon shares the symbolism of the circle as an image of wholeness and strength. The Chinese associate it with the essence of Yin and the feminine; to Buddhists, it represents spiritual power. 1

The full moon can allow us to feel energized and social if we tend to be already more...

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Spiritual Hygiene

Let's begin with some Spiritual Hygiene 101.

What in the world is Spiritual hygiene?

 Just like your physical body, you have a spiritual energy body!?! 

Did you know that your spiritual energy body needs maintenance and self-care just like your physical body? 

If you have ever taken any classes from me, you know I preach it to the rooftops. 

Spiritual Hygiene is more important than taking a shower to me. 

Let me explain.  You have these beautiful energy layers on the outside of your body. You also have an energy system on the inside called the Chakra system.  

These systems work together to help your body run smoothly. When things go wrong in the physical body, it always starts in the energetic body first. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to clear out this energetic body often. 

If your energy fields are full of junk, you need to clear them out to make space for love and light. 

Filling the body with light, with love, and...

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