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Are you present in your body and in your life?

Are you completely present in your body??

So many people are not!!!

They are running around disconnected and discombobulated, wondering why life feels so flat!!!!

Most can't even describe why life is feeling flat, but it seems just mundane and out of sorts.

Is this you???

How do you know????

Here are some common signs of disconnection.

🎃Feeling out of sorts, light-headed, or not really HERE.

🎃Feeling disconnected from emotions and feelings.

🎃Not feeling connected to others. There is a huge disconnect in emotional connection.

🎃Healers telling you that you need to work on your suppressed feelings of anger, but you feel none of that on a conscious level.

🎃Not feeling like you belong.

🎃Disconnected from the body, avoiding and neglecting the physical body.

'🎃Working too much, avoidance.

🎃Numbing out, shopping, lots of scrolling on social media, binge eating, or not eating, and other NUMBING activities.

🎃Forgetting important things!!

🎃Fatugue. Avoidance is exhausting!!!!


Does any of this sound like YOU????

Getting back into the body takes a minute, but it is so important in our spiritual journey.

When you finally quit running from the pain and avoid the issues and traumas of your past, you will finally find your peace.

You Must face the past in order to correct this!!

How do you do that?

By engaging in a regular practice of healing.

Working with a healer, Starting a spiritual practice.

Learning to balance the nervous system to regulate the feelings of safety and peace!

A great place to start this process is by joining my Soul School.

I will walk you through the process of reclaiming yourself!!

You will want to be connected to yourself and to life again.

You will learn to face your fears and your emotional pain and embrace the learning and growth it brings.

Join today and get your life back!!!

You deserve to live a life of peace! Of FREEDOM from emotional and physical pain and learn to embrace all that life has to offer in a more present way!!!!


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