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Clear Limiting Beliefs & Heal: A Powerful 4-Step Process


Clear Limiting Beliefs & Heal: A Powerful 4-Step Process


Embarking on a healing journey is both exciting and daunting. It requires confronting our deepest thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, some of which may have been ingrained for years. But through this journey, we find liberation and transformation.

Today, I want to share a method that's been instrumental in my own healing – a method for clearing out old blocks and beliefs, making space for growth, authenticity, and self-love.


Step 1: Unleash Your Inner Voice – Freewriting for Emotional Release


The first step is tuning into yourself. Give yourself permission to express your thoughts and emotions freely, without judgment. I call this "word vomit." Simply grab a pen and paper, and let your thoughts flow freely. Start with "I am feeling..." and see where it takes you. No need to filter or censor – just be fully present with whatever arises.


Why it Works: Free-writing helps uncover...

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Is life feeling HARD???

Life is full of ups and downs.

We can so easily get stuck in a rut and not even realize it until we have spent months spinning our wheels. It is so easy to forget the things that help us create our best lives and go back to old, unproductive ways.

So, where are you stuck?

Are you finding yourself procrastinating, numbing out, or running from daily tasks?

Is life meaningless, and lost its excitement?

Then, it is time to re-evaluate.

You need to ask yourself some really good questions.

What do you need to do to find the excitement of life again?

Have you forgotten how to have fun?

What can you do to have more fun in your life?

Play is a great way to bring in a higher vibration and start creating the life you desire.

The vibration of play is one of the highest vibrations that we can bring in.

So start doing more things that bring that in for you.

Don't know what brings in that vibration? Then start asking yourself what sounds like something that I could have fun doing today.

And then...

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Your 5 Main Spirit Guides - What They Want You to Know


**Your 5 Main Spirit Guides - What They Want You to Know

We all have a guide team. They are here to help and guide you to the actual reason you are incarnated into the physical world. Depending on why you are here, your guide team will help you create the life you need, heal the parts you came here to heal, and learn the lessons you came here to focus on. 

Here are the 5 Main guides you have. You may have more, but these are the main ones we all have. 

 Protector Guide,  Master Teacher, Dr. Teacher, Dr. Chemist,  Joy guide

Your Five Guides

  1. Joy Guide: With a winning personality and an infectious sense of humor, your joy guide

makes life meaningful by reminding you to be happy. Most joy guides appear as

children or teens because young people have not forgotten how to be lighthearted.

  1. Protector Guide: Protector guides understand that the earth is a dangerous place, both

for the physical body and for the aura, the energetic field that surrounds all living...

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How do your guides help you.

What exactly can your guide do for you?

Your guides protect you, guide you to health, to wealth, to your purpose. But only if you ask them to help you.

You must Ask!!! That is the first rule in working with guides. Give them permission to intervene in our lives and see what amazing things can happen for you.

We all have specific guides that are assigned to us depending on our purpose.

We also can have family protectors and guides to help us as well.

Come meet our guides; they are here to make our life easier and to help you in big ways.

Join me for a Meet your guide team Master class and see what message your team has for you.

I have spent a lifetime learning and studying everything about guides and guide work. I am certified to teach you and have learned from the best of the best healers and mediums all about guides and their roles in our life.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Sign up now.

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Your Words Matter When You Want to Change Your Life for the Better

Your Words Matter When You Want to Change Your Life for the Better


What are you saying to yourself every day? Does your life suck? Do bad things always happen to you? 

Do you even know what is going on inside your head? 

Most of us do not have a clue what we are saying to ourselves, yet we wonder why we are tired, unmotivated, feeling unloved, and depressed. 

When we change the way we talk about ourselves, our world will change. Good things will line up for us, and the world seems to look brighter and better all around. 

Our words can dictate our lives and how things work out for us – your words matter!

If you're saying things that you deep down believe, like "things never work out for me" or "I'm not lucky enough to have good things happen," it can manifest in your life, time and time again. 

It's time to switch up your words!

In this podcast, the intuitive healing connection,  I talk about how to change the words that are keeping you...

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The power of saying Thank you!

Today's Energy is calling on you to be open to receiving all abundance in life.

Do you struggle to receive a compliment? Does that make you feel uncomfortable when someone offers you a kind word?

A big part of abundance is receiving, and a sure way to see if you have issues is by seeing how you feel about receiving a compliment.

Can you just say thank you, or do you make some comment about I think you must be blind? Or you must have the wrong person.

Look for and receive compliments. Receiving them and just saying thank you is the way we show the universe we are ready to receive more.

Don't push away your abundance. Just practice saying Thank you!!!

Join my Gratitude Challenge and set yourself up for abundance.


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What is Chakra Clearing?

Have you ever had the experience of seeing what is really inside your drain pipes?

Well, this week, I had that experience. We have been in our house for 25 years, and those dang pipes get so dirty. I had a small water leak in my bathroom, and it was an excellent chance to clean out those nasty pipes that were almost plugged from the oils, hair, and nasty garbage that gets washed down the drains.

After we got them cleaned out, oh my, the water drains so nicely, and no more black garbage built up around the drain. Amazing what some Maintenace will do.

When we are blocked, it is normal to feel run down, tired, sluggish, angry, depressed, and just overall unwell for no apparent reason. Your energetic system is just like these drainpipes. Without some regular Maintenace, things will get plugged and non-functioning causing a flood or a major health breakdown.

Clearing out your chakras in a deep chakra healing session will leave you feeling like things are flowing smoothly again.

What is...

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The Power of Healing Our Past

I woke up today thinking about an interesting topic. Politics. Now I know that sounds a bit crazy, but hear me out.

I love picking things apart and seeing all aspects of life through spiritual eyes. And what better place to see that than inside a hot topic place like Politics?

That makes or breaks families. Religion and politics are two topics I was told never to discuss at the table,

The thoughts I was having were about the topics, or "issues if you will, that seem to be all over the media.

It seems that everyone has an opinion about what's right or wrong, and they are hitting social media to prove their point.

I don't know if you caught the view last week with Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Janine Pirro, but Woopie got up and left the stage and kicked Judge Janine out of the studio because of her remarks that Whoopie didn't agree with.

Seems a bit Crazy to think that this is the society that we have come to.

Crazy from the outside, but it makes so much sense when you look at it...

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Something big is about to happen.


I have been feeling this rumbling inside; have you felt it?

To me, it has felt like an underground volcano getting ready to erupt. I lie in bed at night, and I can feel it in my chest. Tossing and spitting and rumbling, waiting for its moment to explode.

No one can see it yet, but it's coming. I don’t know what this volcano symbolizes, but I can feel it getting ready to destroy beliefs and old foundations.


When this happens, it's going to be a major upheaval.



Maybe your rumbling is a feeling of anxiety, maybe its extreme tiredness, or a feeling of unrest and lack of peace. Maybe you are struggling to sleep.

Whatever it is for you, I know it feels uncomfortable. And any time we feel uncomfortable, it challenges us to either make changes or stay in the same misery that got us here in the first place.

I have felt that changes are coming to our outside world, and with these changes, we are going to be asked to make changes in...

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Living life like you are dying. What death teaches us.

Listening to my husband sleep in the seat next to me as I am driving home after a long week of text messages,  phone calls, and all-around bad news.


I am feeling grateful he is still in that seat. Feeling grateful, I had the moments that morning with him of snuggling a little tighter, telling each other good morning, and enjoying the cooler weather as we stayed a little longer in bed together.

No one is complaining about sleeping in or the time that could have been spent visiting with family. 

You see, we are all in this state. This state of shock!! This state of ”This hasn’t really happened” and feeling a bit numb after the last few weeks of spiritual adventures and heartbreak. 

I am driving in silence, thinking about the events that lead up to today. We received the news of the passing of a great man. A brother, father, and an amazing man, and we are all in shock for sure. 

As I am driving, thinking, and chatting with my guides, my...

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