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5 Tips to “Help” Your Medium Provide the Best Reading Possible

I know this sounds strange. You're paying for a professional experience, so why would you "help" your psychic medium with your reading? 

This is a question that often arises when discussing what to do during a psychic reading. When I talk about helping your medium, I'm not suggesting that you should flood them with information. Instead, I'd like to share 5 Tips to think about before your next mediumship reading so that you can have the most fulfilling experience possible. 

A mediumship reading can be a profound experience, offering healing messages from the spirit world, especially if you've been grappling with the loss of a loved one. However, just as with any other business, there are helpful do's and don'ts that we need to address to ensure your investment is well spent and that you receive the messages that are intended for you.

Here are five tips to maximize the benefits of your mediumship reading while ensuring you don't hinder your reader's ability to do their job effectively:


Don't Share Information Ahead of Time: 

Avoid divulging information about your situation or the loved one you hope to connect with before the reading. This can help ensure that the medium's insights are genuinely intuitive. A good, experienced reader isn't going to ask you for information up front and will ask you to wait until after your reading is complete if you feel like you want to share personal details. They, too, want the best outcome for you and want to be sure it's effectively conveyed to you.


Don't Try to "Trick" the Medium: 

Attempting to test or trick your medium into overproving themselves is counterproductive. Spirit provides information to validate their presence, and getting stuck in validation can detract from the actual message. 

Sometimes skeptics will try to "trip up" their reader, but what happens is that your money is spent on a session proving they are accurate instead of receiving your messages.

Instead, it's better to get a referral to a medium that someone you know has had good results with or find a reputable one in your area to alleviate some of your concerns.


Do Give Simple Responses: 

When the medium asks questions, respond with "yes," "no," or "I don't know" when appropriate. These responses allow your reader to validate the information they are receiving so they can move on to the next piece of information. For example, if your reader asks, "Did you live in a yellow house when you were younger?" simply say, "Yes." Often people try to add in details such as, "I did live in a yellow house, but then we painted it blue and later moved."

This can detract from the reading. Say "Yes" if it's true, "No" if it isn't, or "I don't know" if perhaps you were too young to remember.


Don't Overshare Information: 

Avoid oversharing or hijacking the reading with an excess of details. Getting a reading can be such an emotional experience and bring back a flood of memories, but rather than share them at that time, let the reader lead the session, as they are trained to deliver the messages, and there are probably more to come.


Do Bring Trust and Openness: 

Approach the reading with trust and an open mind. Trust that you will receive the information you need from the spirit world. An atmosphere of trust can facilitate a more meaningful reading.


I want to emphasize that not every medium is 100% accurate all the time, just as with any profession. Drawing from my experience as a psychic medium and intuitive healer of over 20 years, I can attest that those who approach readings with openness and without preconceived expectations tend to have the most rewarding experiences.

Conversely, those who enter with a plan to challenge or "trip up" the medium often find the session less fulfilling. Spirit provides information for validation, ensuring that the messages are genuinely from your loved ones on the other side. However, if you become preoccupied with testing the medium, you may miss out on the more profound messages.

It's like a friend of mine explained. Her father booked a psychic mediumship reading. Even though he believed in spirits, he wanted to reveal as little as possible so he could be sure of the medium's accuracy. So when the medium asked questions like, "Did you have a Grandpa by the name of Bob?" he responded vaguely, causing confusion, even though he did, in fact, have a Grandfather who passed by the name of Bob. The medium saw a connection to a Grandpa with a name starting with "B," but the sitter's lack of validation led to further questioning. The majority of the mediumship reading went this way, with her dad not confirming his dog who came to deliver a message, etc. He did walk away feeling the reader was accurate, but he didn't get many messages from spirit because the time was spent trying to figure out if those were indeed his departed loved ones because of the lack of yes or no to validate the medium was on the right path.

The more time spent on validation once specific details have been delivered to confirm that, the less time for meaningful messages. Unless your sole purpose is to confirm the presence of your deceased loved one, you may feel unsatisfied with the experience. Once the medium establishes a basis for validation, they can convey the heartfelt messages you seek.

From my experience, it's best to approach your mediumship reading with an open mind and trust in the process. Validate what resonates with you, allowing both you and the medium to have certainty and embrace the experience with an open heart. 

You may find that the messages you receive are not only healing but also profoundly helpful on your journey!


For more information on mediumship readings, check out my latest Mediumship Series on my Podcast, The Intuitive Healing Connection. 

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