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“The Surprising Cause for Energy Healing Back Slides and How to Avoid Them”

Have you ever experienced the frustrating cycle of leaving an energy-healing session feeling rejuvenated, only to wake up the next day feeling like a nervous wreck? 

What can feel like a backslide in your healing journey is often an indication that your nervous system is in dire need of healing and regulation. 

It’s similar to seeing a chiropractor for a physical adjustment, only to go home to the same routine that is causing you pain in the first place. The physical relief is temporary if you aren’t able to alleviate the root cause.

On your energy healing journey, the root cause of these backslides and often anxious feelings has to do with your autonomous nervous system.

Today, I’m sharing the importance of not only healing the nervous system but, equally crucial, knowing how to face this challenge in the future because I assure you, you will run into triggers in life, and knowing how to handle them is key to your ability to reap the rewards of the...

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Daily Habits from an Intuitive Healer to Increase Your Self-worth)

 Daily Habits from an Intuitive Healer to Increase Your Self-worth)  


Life, circumstances, and tough times can make you forget that you deserve a beautiful life and are worthy of being here – no matter what has happened to you or what you have been told.


You deserve to be here, and you deserve to take up space!


We can forget how valuable we are, and I don't want that for you. 


In this episode, I share why we disconnect from our self-worth and give you practical tips you can do every day so that you can create that bridge to the life your desire. 


 Listen HERE


Highlights you won’t want to miss:


  • The stories of not being enough are not your truth.
  • How to find your self-worth (hint: it's still there!)
  • Ancestral feelings about worth can carry into your life.
  • We bring feelings of self-worth from past lives, not...
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