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“The Surprising Cause for Energy Healing Back Slides and How to Avoid Them”

Have you ever experienced the frustrating cycle of leaving an energy-healing session feeling rejuvenated, only to wake up the next day feeling like a nervous wreck? 

What can feel like a backslide in your healing journey is often an indication that your nervous system is in dire need of healing and regulation. 

It’s similar to seeing a chiropractor for a physical adjustment, only to go home to the same routine that is causing you pain in the first place. The physical relief is temporary if you aren’t able to alleviate the root cause.

On your energy healing journey, the root cause of these backslides and often anxious feelings has to do with your autonomous nervous system.

Today, I’m sharing the importance of not only healing the nervous system but, equally crucial, knowing how to face this challenge in the future because I assure you, you will run into triggers in life, and knowing how to handle them is key to your ability to reap the rewards of the...

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Something big is about to happen.


I have been feeling this rumbling inside; have you felt it?

To me, it has felt like an underground volcano getting ready to erupt. I lie in bed at night, and I can feel it in my chest. Tossing and spitting and rumbling, waiting for its moment to explode.

No one can see it yet, but it's coming. I don’t know what this volcano symbolizes, but I can feel it getting ready to destroy beliefs and old foundations.


When this happens, it's going to be a major upheaval.



Maybe your rumbling is a feeling of anxiety, maybe its extreme tiredness, or a feeling of unrest and lack of peace. Maybe you are struggling to sleep.

Whatever it is for you, I know it feels uncomfortable. And any time we feel uncomfortable, it challenges us to either make changes or stay in the same misery that got us here in the first place.

I have felt that changes are coming to our outside world, and with these changes, we are going to be asked to make changes in...

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Worry is a complete waste of time and energy.

Worry is a complete waste of time and energy. 


That's right, You heard me.


I hear it all the time,

Worry makes me a good mom, grandma, sister, and wife.

Some people wear their worries like a badge of honor. They feel like worrying about someone, or something makes them a better person. 


We somehow think that this constant mind chatter will change the world, solve world hunger, conger up more money, more love, more of all we desire. 


While the truth is, worry will manifest something for you…..MORE THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT. 


That's right, the more you worry, the more the universe will bring you more things to worry about. 

It hears you going through the endless mind chatter. Wondering how things will ever work out. Wondering if your kids will ever do good things, meanwhile, your body is a wreck. 

You’re not sleeping; you’re eating like shit; you’re full of anxiety and unrest and just can’t...

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Living life like you are dying. What death teaches us.

Listening to my husband sleep in the seat next to me as I am driving home after a long week of text messages,  phone calls, and all-around bad news.


I am feeling grateful he is still in that seat. Feeling grateful, I had the moments that morning with him of snuggling a little tighter, telling each other good morning, and enjoying the cooler weather as we stayed a little longer in bed together.

No one is complaining about sleeping in or the time that could have been spent visiting with family. 

You see, we are all in this state. This state of shock!! This state of ”This hasn’t really happened” and feeling a bit numb after the last few weeks of spiritual adventures and heartbreak. 

I am driving in silence, thinking about the events that lead up to today. We received the news of the passing of a great man. A brother, father, and an amazing man, and we are all in shock for sure. 

As I am driving, thinking, and chatting with my guides, my...

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Steps to Help With Anxiety From an Energy Healing Perspective

Today I want to talk about something that I’ve struggled with and that many of my clients have struggled with –anxiety!


If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, then you know it can knock you out of your flow really quickly. 


Anxiety can be something that you experience on occasion, or it can be something that is prominent in your life that affects your ability to live your life to the fullest.


It’s time we talk about it because I’m here to tell you there is hope! It’s not in your head, and there are steps you can take to help with this.


Listen to my episode on anxiety and see if these steps can help you too.

This is not medical advice or meant to be in place of professional help. You can do these things alongside anything you are currently doing to help from an energy-healing perspective.

Find the full episode HERE, and get started today, moving out of anxiety and into peace! 



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