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Gina Strole

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The Power of Healing Our Past

I woke up today thinking about an interesting topic. Politics. Now I know that sounds a bit crazy, but hear me out.

I love picking things apart and seeing all aspects of life through spiritual eyes. And what better place to see that than inside a hot topic place like Politics?

That makes or breaks families. Religion and politics are two topics I was told never to discuss at the table, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

The thoughts I was having were about the topics, or "issues if you will, that seem to be all over the media.

It seems that everyone has an opinion about what's right or wrong, and they are hitting social media to prove their point.

I don't know if you caught the view last week with Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Janine Pirro, but Woopie got up and left the stage and kicked Judge Janine out of the studio because of her remarks that Whoopie didn't agree with.

Seems a bit Crazy to think that this is the society that we have come to.

Crazy from the outside, but it makes so much sense when you look at it from the inside.

The things we are seeing now are all unresolved Traumas that are playing out on the big screen and in a big way.

We have adults acting like 2-year-olds because they are not being heard or they are feeling like they need outside validation for their beliefs.

The thing is if we look at things through Spiritual Eyes and Spiritual healing. It isn't everyone's job to make you feel safe and secure. What happened to you was never your fault. The traumas you went through were not your fault, but what you do with them is 100% your deal.

In the spiritual world, we must take responsibility for ourselves, our states, our actions, and our words.

If we truly want to embrace a life of healing our past, this is the first step in gaining that independence from our past.

Every thought and every action must be thought about. We can react because of our past or learn to effectively navigate our feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a non-reactive place. We get to choose.

I would say Whoopi reacted due to unresolved issues inside of her and therefore felt like a child again, and she wasn't going to let that happen, so storming away will solve the issue, right???

Not everyone is going to agree with you. And why would they?

All the different opinions are what make things interesting.

We don't need everyone to agree; we just need to find a way to be at peace with ourselves. Because inside, peace is all that really matters.

If you are ready to heal those reactive parts, join me for a healing session.

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