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Your 5 Main Spirit Guides - What They Want You to Know


**Your 5 Main Spirit Guides - What They Want You to Know

We all have a guide team. They are here to help and guide you to the actual reason you are incarnated into the physical world. Depending on why you are here, your guide team will help you create the life you need, heal the parts you came here to heal, and learn the lessons you came here to focus on. 

Here are the 5 Main guides you have. You may have more, but these are the main ones we all have. 

 Protector Guide,  Master Teacher, Dr. Teacher, Dr. Chemist,  Joy guide

Your Five Guides

  1. Joy Guide: With a winning personality and an infectious sense of humor, your joy guide

makes life meaningful by reminding you to be happy. Most joy guides appear as

children or teens because young people have not forgotten how to be lighthearted.

  1. Protector Guide: Protector guides understand that the earth is a dangerous place, both

for the physical body and for the aura, the energetic field that surrounds all living things.

Protectors keep us from dangerous situations and chase away negative energies that can

adversely affect us.

  1. Doctor Teacher (also called Doctor of Philosophy) Guide: Remember that teacher

from school that you always liked and worked hard to impress? Doctor teacher guides

help us to sort out our spiritual paths and the life lessons we have agreed to take on in

this lifetime.

  1. Doctor Chemist Guide: We all need help taking care of our health and prioritizing our well-being. Doctor chemist guides influence us to make good decisions regarding

our physical bodies. They can also prepare us to become more open to the world of

spirit if we wish.

  1. Master Teacher Guide: Like the principal of a school, our master teacher guides

oversee the other guides in our band of helpers and touch in with us when great

spiritual knowledge is needed.

These guides know you better than you know yourself and are here to assist you in rediscovering yourself. 

When we learn to create a relationship with them, connect with them, and know when we are given information from them, it allows us to live a life of contentment and peace, knowing that we are right where we need to be. 

I teach my clients how to connect with them. How to learn which guide is connecting with them and how to get the information from them that they need to live a life of peace and knowing. 

That knowledge gives us the peace we need to live a life leaving behind the retreat. No matter what happens, you know you were right where you needed to be. 


Check out my podcast, all about guides, here.



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