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Soul School For Spiritual Mastery! 

Soul school is ready and waiting for you. 

What is soul School? 

All of Gina's best-known classes in one area as a membership!

Plus, starting on November 6th you will have access to weekly recorded classes all about healing your part. releasing your blocks and becoming the best version of yourself!

With Weekly classes, exercises and meditations you are sure to love the healing energy and fun energy Gina brings to healing.

Heal you're hear, mind and soul with easy to follow and watch videos all for healing the soul! Do your souls work in the comfort of your own home! 

You can have access to all of Gina's Amazing classes soon. Get this offer today at the Beta Launching price of $99.


Open now! Get your Higher Education Started NOW!

Classes and Events that are going on NOW! 


Modern Energy Healing Approach Course. 

Join me for a LIVE 6-week healing course dedicated to helping you release blocks in your energy that are preventing you from truly understanding your worth! 

You will leave with a greater understanding of why you have felt unworthy and be well on your way to healing yourself from self-worth issues. 

Find out more information. Class starts Soon.

VIP 6- Month Healing Program For the Heart, Mind and Soul. 

Total Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Transformation in just 6 months.

Would you like to experience full-body healing with a dedicated, intuitive Healer right by your side? 

This 6-month program offers amazing healing and support in a group setting. 

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Private Healing and Coaching Program

Would you like access to a professional healer to ask questions and meet for sessions 2x a month for healing and coaching?

This one-of-a-kind healing program is for those ready to dive deep with healing to get profound healing results. If you are hell-yes to healing, this program is for you. 

Fill you the application to see if you are a good fit.

Fill out the application HERE!

Meet Your Guide Team Master Class

A new Virtual Class time is available!

Sign up now! 

Spend 90 minutes in this master class to understand your guide team and how they work for you. A guided meditation will be provided for you to meet with your guides. 

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             Join the Gratitude Challenge. 

       It's that time of year for Gratitude. Join the Gratitude Challenge and change              your life with 30 days of healing and gratitude. 

I want to change my life by adding 30 days of gratitide

All The Tools You Need To Create an amazing life.

 Ready for more?

Let's do your deep healing work. 


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