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Your Words Matter When You Want to Change Your Life for the Better

Your Words Matter When You Want to Change Your Life for the Better


What are you saying to yourself every day? Does your life suck? Do bad things always happen to you? 

Do you even know what is going on inside your head? 

Most of us do not have a clue what we are saying to ourselves, yet we wonder why we are tired, unmotivated, feeling unloved, and depressed. 

When we change the way we talk about ourselves, our world will change. Good things will line up for us, and the world seems to look brighter and better all around. 

Our words can dictate our lives and how things work out for us – your words matter!

If you're saying things that you deep down believe, like "things never work out for me" or "I'm not lucky enough to have good things happen," it can manifest in your life, time and time again. 

It's time to switch up your words!

In this podcast, the intuitive healing connection,  I talk about how to change the words that are keeping you stuck and remind you how to have compassion for yourself.

Plus, I share the thing my husband said to me that gave me a jolt and encouraged me to look at the world differently.

Highlights you won't want to miss:


Is it luck? Or something else?

How to watch the words you say when you're manifesting more abundance. 

The choices you make each day about what you see and say.

What my husband said that made me vow to be more intentional with my words.

Can you let yourself be perfectly imperfect? (And why I encourage it!)





Episode 13: The Sneaky Ways You're Beating Yourself Up and How to Stop It

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