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Gina Strole

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How do your guides help you.

What exactly can your guide do for you?

Your guides protect you, guide you to health, to wealth, to your purpose. But only if you ask them to help you.

You must Ask!!! That is the first rule in working with guides. Give them permission to intervene in our lives and see what amazing things can happen for you.

We all have specific guides that are assigned to us depending on our purpose.

We also can have family protectors and guides to help us as well.

Come meet our guides; they are here to make our life easier and to help you in big ways.

Join me for a Meet your guide team Master class and see what message your team has for you.

I have spent a lifetime learning and studying everything about guides and guide work. I am certified to teach you and have learned from the best of the best healers and mediums all about guides and their roles in our life.

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You have the Power to Protect your Peace.



I  have been getting all caught up in the things of the world recently. It's like shit is just hitting the fan all at the same time.


As I watched things go down, I was caught up in the gloom and doom that everyone seemed to be predicting.


I also felt that I was stuck. And honestly, I was feeling stuck in my business, life, relationships, and almost every part of my life.


It has been so cold, and now it's April, and we still have lots of snow on the ground. It's been a record year for snow here in Utah, and It is starting to take a toll on my mental capacities. 


As I contemplated the things going on, both in the outside world and inside myself, I was reminded that it was time for deep healing. 


So that's what I started doing. I wanted out of the gloom and doom, so to healing meditations I went. 


Now for me, I am used to doing this work, so I know where to go. Most can not be open enough with themselves to do...

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