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Your Words Matter When You Want to Change Your Life for the Better

Your Words Matter When You Want to Change Your Life for the Better


What are you saying to yourself every day? Does your life suck? Do bad things always happen to you? 

Do you even know what is going on inside your head? 

Most of us do not have a clue what we are saying to ourselves, yet we wonder why we are tired, unmotivated, feeling unloved, and depressed. 

When we change the way we talk about ourselves, our world will change. Good things will line up for us, and the world seems to look brighter and better all around. 

Our words can dictate our lives and how things work out for us – your words matter!

If you're saying things that you deep down believe, like "things never work out for me" or "I'm not lucky enough to have good things happen," it can manifest in your life, time and time again. 

It's time to switch up your words!

In this podcast, the intuitive healing connection,  I talk about how to change the words that are keeping you...

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Want to live a more spiritually-minded life?


Want to live a more spiritually-minded life??

Check out my Five steps to success for living a spiritually-minded life!

What the hell is that??

Well, let me explain.

We all come from spirit first. We started as a spirit, then we received our physical body and went on with life as a physical soul. We are spirit first, human 2nd.

As this human life takes over and we create beliefs and feelings, we tend to forget that our emotions become our emotions, and later they create an identity for us.

We forget that we are unlimited souls first as we go about our physical existence. When you hear about the awakening or “waking up,” this is being discussed.

It’s all about returning to the fundamental belief that we are spirit first. We are all Infinite Beings that have unlimited potential.

So how do we start this process?

I will give you some basic steps for waking up so you can start seeing your source’s eyes, start opening up to the basic knowledge you can be, and do...

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