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Your 5 Main Spirit Guides - What They Want You to Know


**Your 5 Main Spirit Guides - What They Want You to Know

We all have a guide team. They are here to help and guide you to the actual reason you are incarnated into the physical world. Depending on why you are here, your guide team will help you create the life you need, heal the parts you came here to heal, and learn the lessons you came here to focus on. 

Here are the 5 Main guides you have. You may have more, but these are the main ones we all have. 

 Protector Guide,  Master Teacher, Dr. Teacher, Dr. Chemist,  Joy guide

Your Five Guides

  1. Joy Guide: With a winning personality and an infectious sense of humor, your joy guide

makes life meaningful by reminding you to be happy. Most joy guides appear as

children or teens because young people have not forgotten how to be lighthearted.

  1. Protector Guide: Protector guides understand that the earth is a dangerous place, both

for the physical body and for the aura, the energetic field that surrounds all living...

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