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Gina Strole

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Life is a Mirror; how will you use it?

I had an interesting experience today, and I wanted to share it with you. I love being vulnerable and sharing my experiences as I grow and heal. 

Today was no different. But before I share my story, here is a little back story. I believe this life is a mirror for us. The people around us and the situations we find ourselves in are all opportunities for reflection and change. 

Even down to our current mood and feelings about situations, we are all an opportunity for reflection and observation. 

We can use these situations for growth and healing if we see the writing on the wall. 

What writing, you ask? Well, for every soul that crosses our path, there is a reason and an opportunity for growth. 

The vibration that we send out in the world is a vibration that others are attracted to. So, if you keep getting undesirable situations and people in your life, you need to look at the vibration you are sending out. 

Now for my story that illustrated this...

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Inner Child Healing - Can It Help You Live Your Best Life?

Inner Child Healing - Can It Help You Live Your Best Life?



When you get that wake-up call that things need to change for you… then what? Where do you go from there???


Healing the things that are impacting you is what helps you live your full purpose and begin to create change.  


“It’s easier to be me!” is one of my favorite things to hear my clients say. They’ll tell me that they feel lighter and it’s just easier to be themselves. 


I want this for you too. 


Our healing comes up when we’re ready to heal it. You’ll start seeing signs, and you’ll know when you are ready. This episode is here to help you understand what those signs look like and how to begin healing intuitively. 

Find more information here.

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Healing Misconceptions

energy healing inner child Sep 29, 2021


Are you ready to heal?


Everyone has healing to do

Our past has created the reality you live in RIGHT NOW.

Are you happy with that reality???

If not, let's do something about it!!!


Healing misconceptions.


Healing misconceptions #1


I had a great childhood; I don't need healing.

FALSE. We all had situations that have created where we are today.

For some, it was a minor trauma. You lost your blanket, and your mom told you to get over it; it’s time to grow up.

For others, it was a more significant thing. Death, feeling abandoned, the stories we told ourselves about why your mom or dad was absent from your life.

WE HAVE ALL CREATED STORIES ABOUT WHY LIFE IS THE WAY IT IS, and we created those stories about us!! We have made those stories all about why we are unlovable and unworthy of amazing things.


Healing misconceptions #2


Healing is only for those that are strong.


FALSE. Healing is for those that are ready for...

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