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Gina Strole

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Life is a Mirror; how will you use it?

I had an interesting experience today, and I wanted to share it with you. I love being vulnerable and sharing my experiences as I grow and heal. 

Today was no different. But before I share my story, here is a little back story. I believe this life is a mirror for us. The people around us and the situations we find ourselves in are all opportunities for reflection and change. 

Even down to our current mood and feelings about situations, we are all an opportunity for reflection and observation. 

We can use these situations for growth and healing if we see the writing on the wall. 

What writing, you ask? Well, for every soul that crosses our path, there is a reason and an opportunity for growth. 

The vibration that we send out in the world is a vibration that others are attracted to. So, if you keep getting undesirable situations and people in your life, you need to look at the vibration you are sending out. 

Now for my story that illustrated this perfectly. 

I have been cleaning out my house and getting rid of stuff. We are talking about building again, and I decided that living in the same house for 24 years, we collected a lot of stuff. My son has also moved home temporarily and brought all his stuff for us to store or move into the house. 

Let's just say we have a  lot of stuff hanging around. Nor do I consider myself a packrat or a border, but 24 years in the same house. Raising our kids there, there is enough to go around.

So, I decided to get a jump on cleaning out and start getting rid of some stuff that is just sitting around. 

So, I started posting stuff on FB year sale pages. 

There is some stuff I posted for free; it needs to be picked up! I didn't want to be a delivery service, so I hoped someone would just grab it!

Well, people started messaging for the free stuff right off the bat. 

I had person after person ask about it. Not reading the ads. It was a used Mattress and boxsprings. It needed cleaning, but otherwise, it was in good shape. We thought if someone could use it, they could have it. 

I had one person message me saying she wanted it and that she would get in the following day. OK, great!

So I started telling the others that it was pending pick-up. 

Well, the next day comes, and she's a no-show!

So I messaged her and asked if she wanted it; she said she got busy and didn't make it to my house.

Now, anyone who knows me knows this is a no-go for me. If you say you will do something, do it, or at least let the other person know that it didn't work out. 

This has always been a big pet peeve for me. I messaged her back and said I had other people waiting; she immediately said to give it to the next person. 

Well, I feel bad because the truth was, I was short with her. My words said it all. I was annoyed that she didn't follow through, and my EGO MADE IT ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!

My hurt self went to that place of, why do people treat me like this? Oh, poor me! 

Isn't it interesting how one little thing can set us off? In this case, I knew I was going down the rabbit hole, but I didn't even try to stop it. 

I felt bad after, and she messaged me back, apologized, and explained that she was a single mom who was trying to get a bed for her kids. She was recently divorced, didn't have a truck in the middle of moving, and things were a mess, and, of course, her car broke down. 

Now, I had a choice to make here! Reflect and correct, or choose just to let this moment pass me by. 

Honestly, I did a little bit of both. I reflected on how my hurt parts reacted to that and then moved on with the moment. 

But the following day, it all started again. But this time for a different reason. 

We have a garden and have been giving away Zucchini and Squash. They both did very well this year, and I feel I can give back with fresh veggies. 

Several people message me for free food. I get it. Most are flakes, to be honest, but some follow through. With this, I feel that if they show, they get it. I leave it on my front porch. I give them my address if they message and ask, and it's not my deal. Right, if they want it bad enough, they will find time to grab it. 

I had messaged this lady about four days ago to come to get it, but she never responded. So I moved to the next person.

Well, now she responds and says she can pick it up today. I am on vacation this week and not near my garden, so I told her she could pick it up tomorrow. I don't have new stuff every day; some days, we pick a bunch, and other days, we have to wait for a few days to get more. 

Well, she responded with an exasperated response, saying she works and can't just drop everything to pick it up then, she will pass and was kind of rude. 

I choose just not to respond, and I immediately say the pattern. 

I immediately say that the world is a reflection of me! The way I felt the night before was exactly what was being returned to me!!!

I realized at that moment that I needed to get my energy cleaned up, so I am not attracting this kind of energy into my life. I need to do some healing work so that I don't get all caught up in WHAT I THINK OTHERS SHOULD DO FOR ME!!! OR ANOTHER BIG ONE, HOW I FEEL THEY SHOULD TREAT ME!!!!

Do you see how this works? If you are finding yourself in situations you don't want, it's time to clean up your energy. 

But most people become victims and think that it's everyone else that needs to change. That they are just picked on instead of seeing that YOU ARE ATTRACTING THAT SHIT YOUR WAY!!!!!!

This is a big trap if we don't understand how it works. I see so many who are still waiting for the world, spouses, things, and situations to make them happy, but it's not the world's job. It simply mimics what you think and feels right back to you! 

So, how do you clean this up? I just need inner child healing to do this! I work with the broken parts of me to heal those wounds and let them go. Once you let them go, things change quickly. Energy shifts, and you see the world very differently. 

I have a podcast all about inner child healing; you can find it HERE. 

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