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Healing Misconceptions

energy healing inner child Sep 29, 2021


Are you ready to heal?


Everyone has healing to do

Our past has created the reality you live in RIGHT NOW.

Are you happy with that reality???

If not, let's do something about it!!!


Healing misconceptions.


Healing misconceptions #1


I had a great childhood; I don't need healing.

FALSE. We all had situations that have created where we are today.

For some, it was a minor trauma. You lost your blanket, and your mom told you to get over it; it’s time to grow up.

For others, it was a more significant thing. Death, feeling abandoned, the stories we told ourselves about why your mom or dad was absent from your life.

WE HAVE ALL CREATED STORIES ABOUT WHY LIFE IS THE WAY IT IS, and we created those stories about us!! We have made those stories all about why we are unlovable and unworthy of amazing things.


Healing misconceptions #2


Healing is only for those that are strong.


FALSE. Healing is for those that are ready for changes!!!


Healing misconceptions #3

Healing takes too much time.

FALSE. JUST a few hours a week learning to listen to you is all you need.


Healing misconceptions #4


I need to be intuitive to do my healing work.

FALSE, We can learn to listen again. You are a natural intuitive; you have just forgotten how to listen. I have worked with 100’s of women teaching them to listen again, and I can teach you too.


Healing misconceptions #5


Intuitive healing is only for spiritually-minded souls.


FALSE. A Desire to heal is all you need. A desire to connect to your soul in a new way is all that is required.


As you can see, there are many myths around healing.

Let me help you discover yourself in a spiritual light!

Let me help you to heal in profound ways.

This is what I do, and I am passionate about healing. I work through my feelings every day, and I can help you to heal as well.

My decade of experience will help you learn to love yourself again.

I would love to help you too. For more information about me and the work that I do visit my website at

Let's discover you together. I would love to work with you. 



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