7 Spiritual Hygiene Habits to Master Your Energy

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Have you been wondering about “Spiritual Hygiene”, or energy clearing and protection habits, and whether or not you need them?

If you even suspect you are empathic, you likely do! But here are 8 Signs it’s time to upgrade your life by adding in some energy clearing for yourself and your home:


🙅You feel sad, angry, or depressed for no reason in different places in your home.

🙅You’re not sleeping, you feel extra anxious.

🙅Fighting, or confrontations, have happened in your space

🙅You have been to public areas, bringing that extra energy home.

🙅You live with anyone else.

🙅You’ve had visitors in your home.

👍You like to keep your vibration high!

👍You want to keep the energy of your bed, sheets, clothes, and shoes fresh and clean.

I have news for you. I believe we are all empathic to varying degrees and sensitive to energy. However, not everyone is aware of it.

Most people are walking around with their energy WIDE OPEN having no idea they could create more peace for themselves if they just understood Spiritual Hygiene! 

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Hi, I’m Gina Strole, and I want to tell you that being an empath was no walk in the park for me!

I have been sensitive to energy my whole life. As I child I would get so nervous and anxious any time we went to someone else’s house.

Growing up, I had a family member who was on the brink of divorce. They were arguing and yelling whenever I went for a visit and I had the hardest time being in their home! I felt sick after.

I was taking on all their energy! I didn’t know it at the time but I was absorbing their anger and unhappiness each and every time I saw them. 

Being an empath can feel like a curse UNTIL you understand Spiritual Hygiene and the importance of clearing your personal energy field and home on a daily basis.


And... if you understand Spiritual Hygiene, being an empath can feel like a blessing instead! 


Learning to take care of your personal energy is just as important as your daily showers and any other self-care routine you already have. 

Make energetically cleansing your space a regular part of your routine by using any one of the practices I share with you in this FREE Spiritual Hygiene Habits to Master Your Energy Masterclass.


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In this life-changing Masterclass you will:

️Learn to clear your personal energy field.

️Learn to clear the space in your home.

️Feel happier, healthier, more in control, and grounded with regular spiritual clearing.

Why do we need Spiritual Hygiene?

Energetic space clearing is a way to clear, balance and/or eliminate discordant energy from your environment. 

It is a great way to intentionally bring in good energies that will help you create a calm, peaceful and harmonious environment. 

Who wouldn’t prefer that over unwanted energies that you didn’t invite in?

Put your big toe into clearing and create some spiritual clearing rituals (habits!) for yourself and your home. 


Going from feeling heavy and sad, lacking a zest for life to feeling free and empowered by upping your Spiritual Hygiene game!

With this easy-to-follow master class, you'll be mastering your energy in no time!


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Working with Gina has changed my life. From my very first healing session, I was blown away. Never before have I worked with somebody who is so intuitive and able to do deep healing. She holds a powerful container and knows right where to go and how far to go. As a healer myself, it is necessary for me to get my own healing sessions. Last year I took a few classes and had a few healing sessions. This year I knew that if I did one thing for my healing, it had to be Gina's sessions, so I signed up for her VIP 6-month healing program. I have searched my life for miraculous healing, and let me tell you; this is the place.

I now have on-demand access to my intuition and spirit communication. I have the validation I needed to finally create the spiritual business I have dreamed of as a spiritual guide, helping others bring in their magical gifts. I have confidence in my abilities. I have healed trauma from childhood abuse and have rewritten ancestral patterns. I have led the way in healing dysfunctional relationships in my whole family. Because of this, I now have the most amazing relationship with my children, my spirit team, and, most importantly, myself. In addition to that, every time I have a session with Gina, I am so aligned that new clients just come to me immediately! Gina, your healing is a gift that is hard to put words to. You really have to experience it for yourself.

 -Rini York, Rennaissance Healer. Astrologer. Spiritual Guide.


I thought I’d share something I experienced tonight. Every Sunday evening our family gets together for dinner. This is always very stressful and, honestly, not very enjoyable for me. Tonight was my turn to host, so I decided to put a little Florida water in my diffusers. Can I just tell you that this will be my new practice whenever many people are at my house? We actually had a great time and even pulled out some photo albums from when the kids were little. We laughed, teased, and had fun! There were a couple of moments I could feel the heaviness but I was able to recognize it and move on easily and enjoy the evening. This is absolutely huge for me, and I’m so excited to find a way to enjoy family events again!!

~Alicia Webster

Getting to the Higher Vibrational living is possible!

It's not only possible but also your birthright.

You are meant to live in your own personal energy and YOUR feelings! You aren’t supposed to pick up everyone else’s like picking up lint or pet hair on your clean clothes wherever you go.

It’s one of those things that you just don’t know until you know! But once you know it’s so refreshing because you dissolve those energetic burdens that aren’t yours to carry.

Imagine how much lighter you will feel?

Imagine how much easier you will sleep without other people’s worries in your field?

Imagine walking through a store and you feel calm and comfortable, and there's no sense of "I can't wait to get out of here!" feelings.

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