Abundance Blocks Healing  Activation

At the soul level

Free guided meditation to activate your abundance from within.

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We all deserve and desire more money.


This guided meditation activates the part of you who is ready to

ALLOW & RECEIVE Abundance. It helps you:

  • Release old feelings about money.
  • Resolve old belief systems.
  • Step into new possibilities!

Open up the the abundance in life.

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“I was feeling stuck because a client hadn’t paid me.

Money was feeling tight without the expected income, so I did Gina’s Abundance Activation Meditation. Two days later, a prospective client tipped me $50! The following day she signed up for a package, AND the client money came through. I went from feeling worried about money to having my best money week!”

Nicole Strychaz

What a fantastic meditation! 
This meditation was exactly what I was looking for.  I felt a shift in my energy immediately and loved all the different details and ways to move into a more abundant space in my life!   Thank you for creating such a powerful and soothing meditation!  
Michele Thomas
Radiant Living

Gina's Abundance Activation Meditation was deeply healing and nurturing.

Her voice is so soothing. I dropped in right away. I could feel the money stories shifting immediately. As an energy healer myself, I could feel the chakras shifting as soon as the meditation began. As always, Gina's healing goes deeper, to the root, but in a way that feels so wonderful. Thank you, Gina!

Rini York

Ascension Activation Ancestral Healing

I had listened to the Abundance Activation Meditation twice when I put my hand in my jacket pocket and guess what was in there!

Two quarters! And I hadn’t even asked for them lol😃

Sandra Bess

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to buy something you’ve had your eye on for years?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to be able to welcome support into your daily routine?

I’m not just talking about money (though money is AWESOME 🙌). Welcoming abundance includes better relationships, better health, more self-love… an abundant life that encompasses all of it.

Abundance begins NOW.  This is the opportunity for you to open yourself up to more abundance and opportunities in your life.


Yes! I want it!

About Gina Strole:

Gina Strole is a Transformational Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Medium, and an Abundance Coach. She supports her clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks in their energy system so they can fully step into their power. 

She was formally trained in several healing modalities with over a decade of experience. She has helped thousands of clients step out of their shame and guilt and step into their power and growth. Gina’s work includes guided meditations, self-paced online classes, in-person classes, a healing community, and 1:1 and group healing sessions.

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