Private Sessions are back.

Working with me is easy. 

Are you ready to make massive changes in your life? Intuitive healing with me can bring about massive shifts in how you feel and react to life. 

Are you feeling stuck? This session can help. Spiritual guidance sessions will help you get unstuck.

Gina will intuitively and psychically connect with your guides and spiritual team to help you get answers to your questions. Gina is experienced in guiding you through your questions and helping you see your pathway ahead. She will use guides, a spiritual team, and her intuitive abilities. I will help you clear the confusion to create your desired life.

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Feeling unmotivated and heavy? An Energy Clearing and healing Session will help you feel better fast.

Gina will intuitively clear out your energy system to release any energy or issues in the body. Gina is very skilled and trained in doing energy clearings. Gina will work with the entire Chakra system releasing any
energy blocks that are preventing your energy from flowing freely again.
You can feel refreshed and lighter after a session. Please drink lots of water before your session to help the energy move.

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In-Person Healing Retreats 2023

Check out the day and weekend retreats for 2023 here. These are small private groups in a secluded private cabin in the mountains. All food and sleeping arrangements are included. 

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Is group healing not for you?

Would you like to have access to a professional healer to ask questions and meet 2x a month?

This package is for you then.

This package offers private healing and coaching session, and you get Voxer access to have conversations in-between sessions.

Gina will work with you to assist you in healing any part of life that you are struggling with.

Relationships, Personal growth, self-worth, self-confidence, inner-child healing, and so much more.

With a lifetime of experience, she has worked with it all and is experienced in clearing and healing these issues with you.

Gina's experience makes it easy to do your healing work.

You will be glad you took the time to work with Gina, and You will be amazed and the changes that come easily and naturally.

This package includes 4~90-minute healing and coaching sessions and Voxer access to chat as needed in between sessions. 60 days of access to the program.

You will have my private attention as you go through your healing process.

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Are you ready to level up with healing? 

This 6-month healing program is for those that are ready to heal in a group setting.

This program will walk you through the steps of healing and is geared to help you heal from the inside out.

This program is geared toward those that are ready to get real with themselves and do some deep healing work. 

You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. Join today.
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From Gina:


Introducing the “Healing cards deck & transformation journal.” 🦋

As an Intuitive Healer and Abundance Coach, I created this deck because I couldn’t find anything else like it.

I couldn’t find a deck that helped me with my everyday challenges in a way that reminded me to slow down, remember my self-care, show me when my intuition was trying to get through to me, and tie that to any physical symptoms I may be experiencing.

Traditional oracle cards are intended to connect with ascended masters, goddesses, angels, and other spirit messengers – this deck is different.

The Healing Card Deck connects to YOUR intuition and Higher Self.

Understanding what your body, mind, and soul are telling you is the gold! It’s magic!

Using these cards and the companion journal – well, that is just “next level.”

Tuning in with the Healing Cards Deck and writing down your messages with the guidance of the Healing Journal helps you remember YOUR guidance, acknowledge that you’ve received it, and create lasting change in your life.

All because you listen to your mind, body, and soul!


Get your deck NOW! ONLY $22
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Check Out My BOOK

Fear Breakthrough. A Mediums Journey to Embracing Spirit. 

Gina Strole always knew she was different. As a child, she could sense things that others couldn’t see or hear. She was constantly hearing voices in her head. Growing up in a very religious household that viewed all things supernatural as the devil’s work, Gina worried there was something very wrong with her and prayed for help. 

Everything changed when the family was shaken with the news of her brother’s suicide. Little did she know that her brother’s death would serve as a catalyst in finding her truth, her voice, and her courage to be her authentic self - a medium. 

In this book, Gina Strole shares her journey and insight about walking through the fear of being able to communicate with spirit, letting go of fear-based religious beliefs, and truly coming to a place of glory and gratitude for her gifts and life. If you are someone who is sensitive to energy, struggling with who you are, or afraid of your abilities to communicate with spirit, let Gina Strole guide you to empowerment, confidence, and the freedom to enjoy being you!

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Private Membership Support Group and Meditation Vault

Access to all of Gina's Healing meditations in one place.

Listen anywhere through the Kajabi App.

Monthly healings and Readings inside the membership community
Added support with the Facebook Community.

A great way to start or continue your Healing Journey with Gina for less than a penny a day!

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