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Gina Strole

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Mom Shame and How We Can Step Out of It

Mom Shame and How We Can Step Out of It

While shame is not limited to Moms, I want to bring it up as we approach Mother’s Day because parenting is one of those things that seems to draw more unsolicited opinions than you could ever have anticipated.

(Social media is another way to get those opinions!)

Feeling like you’re not doing a good job or somehow not living up to expectations can be so depleting, and I’ve even cried myself to sleep at night because I thought I was doing such a horrible job at parenting.

The truth is, you are smart, you are amazing, and you matter!

But the world isn’t going to suddenly prove that to you; you have to bring that into your energy first.

Today I’m sharing how to heal shame and why it’s so important that you do it.

Complete with tips on how to handle the haters and what it truly says about them, more than what it says about you.


I want you to celebrate yourself, not beat yourself up. We have to give ourselves the space to grow, and in this episode, I cover all of it.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

We are bombarded with other people’s opinions.

How many nights I cried myself to sleep, feeling like the worst mom?

We need to allow ourselves the space to grow.

Our ego’s protection mechanism – is it really helping?

What it means when someone says something triggering to you.

How to heal from shame.

Healing work is an inside job.

When you heal, it carries out to your family and friends.


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