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Who are you trusting to show you you're worth?


 Yesterday was my husband’s Birthday. We drove to the city to see our kids and spend his special day with them. 


We drove home after a fantastic day, discussing past birthdays and remembering special times. We were talking about a time his mom forgot his Birthday. His mom is older, and it just slipped her mind. She didn’t do it intentionally; just part of getting older for her. 


I was immediately taken back to a time in my life when I sat and waited for my mom to call, but it never came. 


My Birthday had never been a happy day for most of my adult life. I have spent most of my adult life waiting for a call on my Birthday from the one person I thought should be excited for me and want to celebrate what I thought should feel like a special day to her.

But that day just didn’t come.


All day I thought about how grateful I am to celebrate with my husband on his special day. What a blessing he is, and I am grateful...

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Are you feeling a bit out of control?

We have all been suffering the past year and a half. Nothing that is going on seems fair or makes sense.

Are you feeling a bit out of control?

Those feeling of being out of control can send us into survival mode. Afraid to move, afraid to do anything.

If you are watching the news, this can make these feelings worse. We can make rash decisions that we later regret when decisions come from this place of fear.

Living in fear changes who we are. Staying in this place of fear can cause problems for us later when this fear becomes the way we learn to survive.

The good news is we don’t have to stay here; it is a choice to remain in fear, just like it is a choice to move into love and trust.

Just a little bit of hope and love can go a long way. We can’t control what the world chooses to do, and we can’t influence politics or even Covid 19, but we get to decide how we deal with it.

We have no control over death or life, but we get to control the way we choose to...

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