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Welcome. My Name is Gina.


Gina is a renowned Psychic Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Intuitive Healer and is known for her profound insights and transformative work in the realm of spirituality and energy healing. As the founder of "Soul School for Spiritual Mastery," Gina has dedicated her life to empowering individuals on their spiritual journeys.

With a deep understanding of energy, intuition, and the human spirit, Gina has become a trusted guide for those seeking clarity, healing, and personal growth. Her innate gifts as an Intuitive Healer allow her to connect with higher realms of consciousness and provide profound insights to her clients.

One of Gina's passions is sharing her wisdom with others, and she does so generously. She offers a valuable resource for spiritual seekers by providing a free download of her "7 Spiritual Hygiene Habits to Master Your Energy," as well as her “Intuitive Healing Connection Podcast.” Her tips serve as a foundation for maintaining spiritual and energetic well-being in an often chaotic world.

Gina Strole's mission is clear: to help individuals harness their inner power, connect with their higher selves, and embark on a journey of spiritual self-discovery. With her guidance, you can navigate the realms of energy, intuition, and spirituality with confidence and grace, ultimately achieving a more profound understanding of yourself and the universe around you.

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"Gina genuinely cares about people and making a difference in their lives. She has provided me with understanding and insight into my own health and ability to heal. This has helped me to make powerful life-changing shifts in my life. I enjoy learning from Gina, her classes are positive and fun. She sparks my curiosity and provides challenging opportunities to learn more about myself and my life experiences. "

Jean Mold
Retired Vice President of Economics Development

"My session with Gina was wonderful! She instantly made me feel comfortable. Her insights were right on and she gave me lots of ideas on why I get and what to do about my headaches. I will definitely be back!"

Amy Rasmussen
Utah Virtual Academy

"Sometimes in life you find people who have a spirit that meshes with yours!!! Gina has that kind of spirit, open and honest and has such a special gift!! I would recommend her to anyone!!"

DeLis Roper

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Soul School for Spiritual Mastery

Soul School is ready and waiting for you. 

Have you ever wondered how to embark on a healing journey? How do you know what needs healing or where even to start? 

Soul School was created to walk you through the steps of energy healing basics, help you work with your energy system, start clearing out energy blocks, emotions, and past traumas, and heal your physical body from the inside out. If you are into physical development, Soul School is for you. This is personal development on steroids. 

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Fear Breakthrough Audio.


Gina Strole always knew she was different. As a child, she could sense things that others couldn’t see or hear. She was constantly hearing voices in her head. Growing up in a very religious household that viewed all things supernatural as the devil’s work, Gina worried there was something very wrong with her and prayed for help. 

Everything changed when the family was shaken with the news of her brother’s suicide. Little did she know that her brother’s death would serve as a catalyst in finding her truth, her voice, and her courage to be her authentic self - a medium. 

In this book, Gina Strole shares her journey and insight about walking through the fear of being able to communicate with spirit, letting go of fear-based religious beliefs, and truly coming to a place of glory and gratitude for her gifts and life. If you are someone who is sensitive to energy, struggling with who you are, or afraid of your abilities to communicate with spirit, let Gina Strole guide you to empowerment, confidence, and the freedom to enjoy being you!

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