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How Does Intuitive Healing work

How Does Intuitive Healing Work?

Intuitive healing is a fantastic process that an experienced healer can provide to help individuals work through their past. Healing Methods are used for anyone open to energy and looking for unconventional ways to heal the body, mind, and soul.

Intuitive healing is a process that channels healing into finding and releasing old beliefs, energy, and emotions and allowing the body to come back into energetic balance. This process is a guided process for those that desire to heal themselves.

Working with a healer is a fantastic experience that will change your life and your family’s lives. You will gain insight into yourself and why you feel and see the world as you do. It can be genuinely transformational.

There is an immediate feeling of change inside the body. Most describe it as a heavy feeling of being released and leaving behind a lighter, more vibrant sense of peace and happiness. When done correctly, these changes happen almost immediately.

Often, many are unsure how to do self-care to maintain and integrate what they have experienced. I always advise my clients to start a daily Spiritual Hygiene routine.

In my work, I can see events and situations like a movie. I don’t need to see everything, nor do we have to live out every detail for healing to happen. It all plays out so that we have an understanding of the situation.

In the energy world, just acknowledging the situation is usually enough for healing to take place. This healing takes place by allowing channeled energy to come into the body, healing and removing the blockages found in the energetic body. It will enable the physical body to heal just as it is designed.

Over the last decade of my work, I have worked with many people who have struggled with abuse of all kinds, big or small, childhood traumas. I have worked with many to get to the bottom of their weight issues and physical problems that have manifested because of energetic issues.

You see, everything starts as energy. All of our physical issues began as an energetic blockage first.

These blockages can be seen and felt inside the energetic body by looking into the chakra system.

Our chakra system holds the information for certified healers to see where each person needs help. Not sure what a chakra system is? Check out our Chakra Healing Course.

The healing process is a journey. It is a process that takes some time but one that is well worth the time and effort.

If you would like more information on healing, check out my blog on What is Intuitive Healing, you can also find more information about me and the healing work I do at

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