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Gina Strole

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What is Intuitive Healing?

What is Intuitive Healing?

The word Intuitive has been thrown around a lot these days. Everyone seems to use this word. But what does it refer and how does it relate to healing?

The word “Intuitive” means:

Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; Instinctive.

Intuition is something we are all given. We all have it. Intuition is our compass, if you will, for our human experience. Intuition is the part of you connected to your higher self, that all-knowing part, that all-understanding part of you.

We all have "what I call" intuitive hits every day. Turn here while you are driving. Stop here, and you run into someone that you have meant to call. Take a rain jacket on a sunny day, and it ends up raining. Of course, you ignored this one because it sounded CRAZY at the time.

So now we understand Intuition!?!

What is healing intuitively? 

Healing happens when we allow the past energy and beliefs to move through our systems. As life happens, we all tend to hold onto feelings, beliefs, and emotions. Those things are energy, and that energy needs a place to be stored. We store that energy in our physical and energetic bodies.

Everything is energy first, and then it manifests into the physical later.  

When we come into the physical body, we have experiences that cause a reaction. These reactions are filtered through our understanding and perception. We create stories that make the situations match. Some are healthy; most aren't.

We were all so excited to have this experience because of the growth that can happen in the physical. We all knew it would be a bit bumpy at times, but let’s face it, we can’t grow if we are not stretched. 

With an experienced healer's help, we can find those hidden and stored energies and release them. This is when the healing happens. Using channeled energy for healing, releasing the blocks and old beliefs around the situations. Create different feelings in their place. 

We use our intuition to do this healing work. We all have intuition; it's just some of us know how to use it very well. 

There is a part inside of you right now that says you should read this blog. Correct????

Something inside of you said I need something here. That is your intuition.

Some people in this world have dedicated themselves to helping others heal. They have almost always had trauma in their lives that required them to do their healing work. It needed them to step out of what is considered socially NORMAL healing in the western world and find other healing methods.


Intuitive healers have honed in on their senses, using their Psychic Clairs or Psychic senses to feel, hear, and know what it is that an individual needs to help them release the heavy energy and traumas they carry.

These types of healers have different ways to help you release the old thoughts, beliefs, traumas, and emotions that we all store in our bodies that need help to let go,

As humans, we hold on to our old stories, thoughts, and beliefs, thinking that they are ours to carry. Our burdens to bear, and this isn’t true—these thoughts are a victim mentality, a darker side of us that needs some work.

In the healing work that I do, I have helped hundreds of women release their old stories and step into freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom to be themselves, freedom to be, and removing ancient accounts of people-pleasing, working to make others happy. The feelings of not being enough for anyone, and one of my favorites, the invisibility cloak. Feeling invisible to those around you. These feelings and beliefs go hand in hand with I don’t matter.

These things I have listed have been called many names. Healers and energy workers all have their wording for these things. They can be called the shadow side, ego, dark side, and inner-child healing.

The names do not matter to me. I have been blessed to know and understand many types of healing modalities, and I have incorporated them into my way of doing things that have brought lasting results to all my clients.

Seeking an experienced healer is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family. For us moms, we can stop old family ties' madness when we do our healing work. We stop it from heading out into the next generation with our kids and grandkids.  That is a priceless gift, for sure.

If you would like more information on my work, visit my Website at  You can also find more on healing on my podcast at

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