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Healing with Quantum Astrology™ with Rini York

Healing with Quantum Astrology with Rini York

My guest, Rini York, applies Quantum Astrology as a powerful healing tool, sharing how your astrological chart validates the intuitive hits you've received, allowing you to increase your confidence and enhance your decision-making abilities.

Today we're chatting about how Quantum Astrology and other healing modalities can act as a "Healing Roadmap" to help you on your path.

Highlights you won't want to miss:

What is Quantum Astrology?

Every energy has its shadow and light aspects.

How Rini uses her magical "toolkit" to help her clients overcome challenges.

Finding the gift and treasures in your life.

The astrological events are happening and how they can affect you individually.

Life isn't about the finish line!

Astrology as validation for "intuitive hits" and why it's so powerful.

Everybody's intuitive!

The stages of life and seasons of your business and how they impact you.

Resources mentioned:

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My Book: Fear Breakthrough: A Medium's Journey to Embracing Spirit Private

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About Rini York:

Rini is an Acupuncturist, Astrologer, and Transformation Coach. She is the creator of Quantum Healing Astrology and Quantum Healing Reiki.

She helps entrepreneurial lightworkers connect more deeply with spirit and reclaim their power so they can live their dream lives.

You can find her here:





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