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Soul School for Spiritual Mastery

Welcome to the Classroom for your soul.   Where healing becomes easy, and understanding and clarity about your soul's mission and why you are here become known for you. This deep healing course will heal your heart, lighten your soul, and help you navigate life's challenges easily and gracefully. 


Soul School is a Spiritual on-demand School, and it starts NOW!! Are you ready to find yourself once again???

Are you someone who likes practical ideas and guided exercises to help you understand yourself and the healing path better? 

Do you know you have some healing work to do but don't know where to start? 

 You know that you carry emotional baggage but need some guidance to start clearing out your energy so you can feel better every day! 

Knowing that you have healing work to do, even if you have no idea what to heal. This is what Soul Schools is all about! 

I will walk you through the healing process week by week. You will have exercises and healing meditations to listen to videos to help you understand the steps to healing and what you can do to become even more aware and let go of the emotional baggage. 

Sounds Amazing??? Are you ready for a total transformation?


What will you learn????

Learn how to clear out your energy system and emotional and energetic baggage to feel lighter and more clear-headed. You will release the beliefs around not being enough and people-pleasing, learn to manage your energy fields, become your own best friend, and so much more. I will walk you through the steps that I use every day to clear out heavy emotions and heal my soul. I old nothing back. 



What it includes

Join Gina on a healing journey. Watch the prerecorded classes, do the exercises, and see how your life transforms naturally and quickly.  You also receive 30-plus hours of extra resources to help you with energy management, nervous system regulation, and working with your ego, just to name a few. The resources are endless. You also receive access to Gina Meditation Vault for easy healing and clearing in just a few minutes a day. 


The transformation... 

Let go of shame, sadness, guilt, and unworthiness, and allow your true, authentic nature to unfold...  You will work on finding your purpose, finding your self-worth, healing your energy body, and learning how to release the emotions stored in the body so your physical body can heal. 

The resources to support you are endless. Join today! 

I am saying HELL YES to Healing.


I am in!!

A Sample of the First Few Classes...


Why would you need Soul School?


Attending a spiritual school for healing can offer numerous benefits for individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. Here are a few reasons why someone might consider enrolling in a spiritual school:

1. Deepening Spiritual Connection: Spiritual schools provide a supportive environment for individuals to explore and deepen their spiritual connection. Through various teachings, practices, and healing meditations, students can develop a stronger connection to their inner selves, higher power, or universal energy.

2. Enhancing Intuitive Abilities: Soul school will focus on developing and honing intuitive abilities. Provide teachings and techniques to help students tap into their intuition, expand their psychic abilities, and trust their inner guidance.

3. Healing and Self-Discovery: Soul School offers courses and workshops that focus on healing and self-discovery. Students can learn various healing techniques, to facilitate their own healing journey.

4. Personal Growth and Transformation: Soul School provides a space for personal growth and transformation. Through self-reflection, introspection, and guidance from an experienced teacher, students can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their patterns, and their purpose in life.

5. Community and Support: Joining Soul School allows Students to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and beliefs. This sense of community and support can be invaluable on the spiritual journey, providing encouragement, inspiration, and a network of individuals who understand and support one another.

Remember, attending Soul School is a personal choice, and it's important to be ready to dedicate some time to your healing. You deserve to find your peace with life. Are you ready?? 

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       3 Pricing Options to Fit Your Needs.

Monthly Lives

Join Gina Live inside the Facebook group where she will offer coaching, healings, and Q&A's

Here is what you will receive when you purchase Soul School.


One Year Of Weekly Classes and healing sessions inside Soul School 

Receive a new class every week for one year. Every class consists of information and journaling exercises; some have healing meditations, depending on the class. Receive guidance every week with homework to guide you down your healing path. 

New Classes and Resources will be added every month. 

Added Courses on top of Soul School. 

Connecting with Divine Energy

Making Friends With EGO

Empath Breakthrough Course

Chakra Healing Course

Spiritual Clearing for Your Body and Home 

30-day Gratitude Challenge

Finding Emotional Stability Master Class

Meet Your Guide Team Master Class

Private Meditation Vault 



Here is the list of Extra Resources You get with Soul School.

Healing 2022 and Bringing in 2023

Inner-Child healing master class 2022

Inner Child Healing Masterclass 2023

Connecting with your intuition.

Feeling Big Emotions and the steps to clear them.

Energy Clearing Meditation



The support you will have is what makes this program work!!! Get all the support from the like-minded group, but also from Gina. she understands you and your struggles. She will help you work through the resistance, and learn to embrace love again.  

Get all the support you need to help you move forward and heal your life!!

Healing work is required, but the support is priceless.. 

Join the most supportive group to help you succeed in all you healing goals.

What are you waiting for?

Join today and get the best online Spiritual Education for the best price. 



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