Before Healing......

Life can feel so heavy when we are carrying extra energetic baggage. The whole world can look very different through the eyes of the unhealed soul. 

We can overthink EVERYTHING and be wondering how the hell things got to be this heavy.

Our bodies carry this pain, and it can manifest as physical pain in the body.

It can also manifest as physical issues inside the body.  The energy has to go somewhere. It resides inside the body changing the balance and causing physical, mental, and emotional issues.

Stress inside the body!!!!


Are you feeling the pain of your past? Pain in the body, mind and soul?

I can help.....



I'm ready to do healing

1 on 1 Transformational Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Coaching Session 

What are Intuitive Healing Sessions???


            Transformational Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Coaching.


Do you struggle with a lack of modivation?

Have you been struggling with physical issues inside the body?

Are you seeing doctor but nothing seems to be helping? 

Are you in physical pain that isn't responding to treatment? 

Do you know deep inside you need help but are unsure where to find that help?

 Are you feeling stressed?

Are you overthinking EVERYTHING?

Does it seem your mind just doesn't ever stop?

Do you have sleepless nights full of worry and sadness?

Do you find yourself feeling anxiety?

Are you ready to make some changes, but you don't know what to do next?

Gina is an expert and can help you navigate your life.  Her ability to connect with you energetically allows her to see where you have been and assist you in a kind and loving way to move forward and transform your life in ways you never knew were possible. 

Her Healing and coaching abilities allow your energy field to heal and clear while giving you ideas and ways to change your outside world.

Bring Healing to all levels of body, mind, and spirit. 


Gina is here to transform you in every way.

Are you ready to step forward??


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What are Intuitive Healing Sessions?

Healing on a deep energetic level releases the pain inside of all the bodies allowing you to feel at peace.

All of the pain of life starts at an energetic level first, then transforms into the body with symptoms. 

As this energy resides in the body, it changes the way our bodies were designed to work, causing a malfunction.  As this energy grows bigger, it causes more issues on all levels. 

So many of us have been taught to shove our feelings, and we never allow ourselves to feel the emotions. Releasing these emotions and traumas allows for healing to happen.

These emotions and traumas are energy, and they need a place to reside. They will take up space in your physical body, leaving you tired, overwhelmed, and feeling helpless. 

Healing helps you get out of your head and leave behind overthinking and anxiety to create your desired life. 

We are never helpless. I can help you heal these emotions, experiences, feelings, and beliefs so that you can release them from your physical body.

Allowing for a healthy body, mind, and soul to come together.

When you stay in this place, you can not live up to your full potential. We are confused, wondering what life is really all about.

We can not feel gratitude or love to its fullest, and we miss out on the beautiful things of life. 

We are never the best mom, wife, lover, sister, or friend when we see life through the lens of brokenness and sadness.

When you clear those old emotions and beliefs away, things change very quickly for you. You see life as lovely, whereas before, it seemed full of dread.

Intuitive Healing With Gina makes a black and white difference.

Join the pain-free life.  Learn to live painfree again.



Not all healers are the same... 


Gina has over 15 years of experience working with Healing Energy. She has natural Healing Abilities that have always been with her in her life. SHe did not understand them or learn to use them for many years. But once she understood, she went to work and studied everything she could get her hands on to bring you the most loving, healing experience.  She has studied many modalities and uses many healing types to bring you the best healing experience.

She is a Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, and Healer, and her years of experience have created healing miracles for many of her clients. 

Many of her clients are experiencing pain, physical symptoms that are not responding to medical treatments. After a few sessions with Gina, These issues are gone. 

Everyone experiences healing differently. We all heal at our own rate, but it is very possible to remove these physical issues quickly.

Gina has worked with hundreds of people, helping them release physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues, allowing the body to heal and hearts to be open.

As a medium, she allows Spirt to come through if needed for the healing process. 

As an intuitive, she sees things you may not be open to seeing yourself, allowing you to feel safe and secure while the healing process is in session.

To see more about Gina, visit her About Page.


 After Intuitive Healing...

Life is full of hope again. YOU are open to new ideas and healing. YOU approach every day with optimism and love. And best of all, You can feel your best. Living a FREE life. Free of the emotions, and physical pain you were carrying. 

 Join the healing revolution today, and see what healing can do for you. 

All you need is to be open to a different way of viewing life, and you can create this life for yourself with Gina's guidance, and experience this will be an experience you will talk about for a long time.

Are you ready???? 

                                           Intuitive Spiritual  Guidance Readings.                                                                  Transformational Readings are here for you.

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Intuitive Healing and Guidance Readings

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Michelle J.

Gina is very skilled and in tune healer. She has beautiful energy! She will tell it like it is straight forward. She is warm and quick witted, and full of love to share. Using her different techniques she is able to help with what's needed in a healing journey.

Michele T.

My session with Gina was amazing. She helped clear so much baggage I'd been carrying around since childhood that I didn't even really remember. I highly recommend working with Gina - she tapped in and was divinely led to what I needed to release right now. A truly transformational experience and I can't wait for another session with her soon.

Alicia C.

I’ve had several healing sessions with Gina recently. I didn’t know what to expect the first time and was immediately impressed. I was put at ease and amazed by her kindness and compassion, along with her intuitive knowledge. She has a very special gift! The sessions are truly life changing and the real me is beginning to show. I will forever be grateful to her for sharing her gifts and abilities to make my life truly better.

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