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Are you ready to find your joy, happiness, and gratitude and leave behind old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that are keeping you stuck?

Then this program is for you! 


 Check out this short video and see what it is like to be part of my healing container. 

Get your seat! The Next class will start Deecember 2023


Are you ready to experience full-body, mind, and spirit healing with someone in YOUR corner?

Someone who’s there with you for all of it?

Clearing the cobwebs, stagnant energies, supporting the vulnerability and change as things shift into alignment for you?


Class will start January 2023. Reserve yoru seat today!


Imagine a day when you feel so in love with life, with your family, and nothing can get you down.

💖Be firm and grounded in who you are and where you want to go.

Does that seem like a fantasy?
Something you only see in movies?
Well, guess what? It doesn't have to be…
My VIP healing program offers you just that.
It will help you peel away the layers of sadness, heaviness and allow you to let the real you shine.
How would it feel to let go of those pesky feelings of:
  •  Not being enough.
  •  Feeling un-loveable.
  • Unsupported and cared for.
  • Abandonment issues or feelings that people leave you.
  • Apologizing for being you. 
  • Feelings of not being enough or worthy of love or good things.
  • Suffering and pain.
  • Wondering what others think of you.
  • Judgments of others and yourself. 

Are you ready to let go and not give a shit what others are thinking, feeling proud just to be you?


That is what the healing process is all about.

It will allow you to stand in your power, live your life, and not apologize anymore for being you!!!
Are you ready for that kind of life???
Then we need to chat.
My VIP Healing Healing 6-month program is open and ready for you...
I attract exceptional people ready to take their healing to the next step.
And I know this is you!
It could be the best decision you have ever made for yourself.
The possibilities are endless.
Join me, and let's find out together.


Are you ready to feel alive again?


Want to find your zest for living?

 This program is for those that are ready to get very serious and discover who they truly are.

They are tired of being tired and desire to change in a loving and carrying environment. 

This program is designed to teach those that desire to learn new ways of show up in life and want to make massive discoveries inside themselves.

Is this YOU?



Save your seat now!

There’s a reason why energy healing doesn’t always stick!

You know how you can go to a chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, or even a massage therapist and you can leave your appointment feeling SO dang good?

But then, within a few days, maybe even hours, the symptoms or tightness you were feeling started to creep back in.

Maybe you sat at your desk typing and your shoulders are hurting again.

Perhaps you lifted something heavy and your back pain is back.

It could be you experienced a stressful situation and all the relaxation from the massage is gone, gone, gone.

If you don’t change the patterns, physical positions, or reactions to stress – you end up right back where you started from before your appointment.

I’ve witnessed the same backsliding be true for Energy Healing sessions.

Even the most talented energy healer can only do so much if you make an appointment every six months or so.

Because the same way the patterns and reactions to stress have to change from a physical bodywork session, the patterns and beliefs must change when it comes to energy healing too.

This is why I felt the need to create this VIP experience so you can experience the healing, enjoy the benefit of it, BUT also change the beliefs, heal the childhood perceptions and generational patterns that led to the blocked and heavy energy in the first place.

No more being tethered down! 

I believe that if you work closely with an experienced healer, you can go from needing to "fix" things on a regular basis and feeling true change isn’t happening - to feeling deep healing and RELEASING those reoccurring issues and patterns. 

You aren’t meant to feel stuck, like life is working against you, or tethered down when you know you’re meant to be soaring!

Key benefits from this Program

✅Release old thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and find the freedom that comes from just being you.

✅Find your self-worth and learn to set new, amazing boundaries in your life.

✅Feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually, in all areas of your life.

✅Calm down the head chatter that prevents us from being the best version of ourselves. Learn to stop the head chatter before it gets out of hand.

✅Learn to live in the present, not wishing life away and wasting time thinking about how life used to be.

✅Creating a loving relationship with yourself, one that others will envy and wonder how you did it. 

 ✅Find your purpose, Why you are here, and what your calling is. There is more to life than paying the bills and sleeping.

✅Wake up and be excited to see where life takes you. 

✅Start to feel confident in yourself and the decisions you make.



Together we will release those invisible strings keeping you from living your best life, one at a time.

To create lasting change that you can look back and think “I’m not even that person anymore!” You’ll be YOU but so empowered-ly different. 

But don’t just take my word for it, see what this amazing VIP client has to say:

Meet Trish Erais.

She has been in the VIP Group for a few months now. She has a message to share with you about her experience with healing inside the VIP Group.

More Testimonials

Release the heavy baggage you carry in every sesssion.

Release lifetimes of anger, guilt, and resentment. Allow yourself to feel free in a very short period of time

Gina's support all along the way

Have the amazing support of Gina inside the Facebook group, on Voxer, and on Facebook messenger. She is with you all along the way.

Dedicated Facebook group

A dedicated, supportive Facebook group with support from like-minded women on the same journey you are. Group Zoom calls with healing sessions. 


I hold your hand for this complete energy body healing, processing, and integration experience, holding the space for you to do your healing work.

You cannot fail if you show up!

This is an investment in yourself and your family. As we heal, we stop the family and generational patterns that have continued for generations.

You can be the change.

I'm ready for massive changes



I love my healing from Gina. It has really helped me to clear blocks and to feel safe to step into my power. The first time I heard it I could feel her clearing what felt like a noose around my neck and I have been able to be more visible in my personal life and in business. Not only that, other people are noticing me where ever I go. I have had Gina's powerful 1:1 healing and this is an amazing way to tap into that whenever I need it!
Thank you, Gina!
~Rini York, Astrologer. Healer. Guide

Not all healers are the same... 


Gina has over 15 years of experience working with Healing Energy. She has natural Healing Abilities that have always been with her in her life. She did not understand or learn to use it for many years. But once she understood, she went to work and studied everything she could get her hands on to bring you the most loving, healing experience.  She has studied many modalities and uses many healing types to bring you the best healing experience.

She is a Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, and Healer, and her years of experience have created healing miracles for many of her clients. 

Many of her clients are experiencing pain, physical symptoms that are not responding to medical treatments. After a few sessions with Gina, These issues are gone. 

Everyone experiences healing differently. We all heal at our own rate, but it is very possible to remove these physical issues quickly.

Gina has worked with hundreds of people, helping them release physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues, allowing the body to heal and hearts to be open.

As a medium, she allows Spirt to come through if needed for the healing process. 

As an intuitive, she sees things you may not be open to seeing yourself, allowing you to feel safe and secure while the healing process is in session.

To see more about Gina, visit her About Page.


Who should say YES to this program?

🔺You are ready to make massive changes, no matter what it takes.

🔺Even if you don't know what those changes need to be yet, YOU are open to discovering the answers over the next six months.

🔺You desire to heal, no matter what it takes. You are ready to dive in, ask for help and be part of a great community of support.

🔺You are ready to find new friends that are on your same journey.

🔺You are willing to invest in yourself because you intuitively KNOW it is time. 



Who should say NO?

🔻If you are NOT into Intuitive Healing.

🔻If you are not open to coaching and hearing ways to make changes in your life to live happier.

🔻If you think your life is going well and changes never help anyway, this is not your program.

🔻You are not ready to invest in your health and well-being.

🔻You are not willing to do whatever it takes to find your purpose and joy in life.

🔻You want to blame family, friends, co-workers spouses for the choices you have made. 

[Energy work- Intuitive Healing Disclaimer] 
Nothing on this site is intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease – physical or mental. All information provided on this site is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. The purpose of all information provided is to reduce stress, enhance health, and remove any dysfunction in the body’s bio-energetic system due to belief systems.
No information provided is to advise you to discontinue or to avoid medical or psychological consultations. No one connected with Gina Strole Intuitive Healing LLC practices under any license such as a medical doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, chiropractor, lawyer, nutritionist, or naturopath. Any licensing board in the United States does not currently regulate energetic coaching.