Are you ready to be your own oracle?

If you’re like most people who find me, you know there can be more ease and joy in your life, and something has been tugging at you to let you know that YOU can create it.

Which is why I want to share something really exciting with you. It’s a way to get guidance from your mind, body, and soul to welcome more healing, wealth, and joy into your life by giving you the one thing that is usually missing from the manifestation equation – more clarity!

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Healing Card Deck


55 Card Deck

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Discover your intuition & make decisions from a place of “knowing”

I want it!

Imagine knowing how to get guidance that comes from within instead of seeking answers outside yourself or following advice that doesn’t feel right for YOU. 

Introducing the “Healing cards deck & transformation journal.” 🦋

I created this deck because, as an Intuitive Healer and Abundance Coach, I couldn’t find anything else like it out there.

I couldn’t find a deck that helped me with my everyday challenges in a way that reminded me to slow down, remember my self-care, show me when my intuition was trying to get through to me, and tie that to any physical symptoms I may be experiencing.

With traditional oracle cards, they’re intended to connect with ascended masters, goddesses, angels, and other spirit messengers – this deck is different.

The Healing Card Deck connects to YOUR intuition and Higher Self.

Understanding what your body, mind, and soul are telling you is the gold! It’s the magic!

Using these cards and the companion journal – well, that is just “next level.”

Tuning in with the Healing Cards Deck and writing down your messages with the guidance of the Healing Journal is what helps you remember YOUR guidance, acknowledge that you’ve received it, and create lasting change in your life.

All because you listen to your mind, body, and soul!

The Healing Card Deck is the personal guidance you’ve been waiting for. It is a tool to take you on the journey to self-fulfillment.

Are you ready to add this helpful tool to your magic toolbox?

Tuning into your mind, body, and soul to discover when to rest, when to “go for it”, and when you are receiving messages from your intuition is the perfect companion to your abundance FLOW!

I’m so excited to have these cards and to use them!!

I received my cards today!!!  Such a beautiful deck!!   Job well done Gina!!!

Betty Shearwood

These cards are amazing.

Their simplicity makes them useful in any situation to support my centering and connecting to my intuition to receive guidance with clarity. These cards are amazing. I have quite the collection of cards but these ones are truly special. From the moment I opened them I could feel the love from Gina, they are so thoughtfully and beautifully packed, it was like receiving a special present packed just for me. I was able to begin using them immediately. Thank you so much, Gina!

Rini York

I was surprised with how much better I felt after pulling a card.

I decided to get Gina Strole’s Healing Cards because I wanted an Oracle deck with a message of resiliency and nurturing.  As a soul-driven entrepreneur, I find myself frequently pouring from my own cup and feeling depleted and overtired. After using Gina’s Healing Cards consistently,  I’ve found that creating rituals of ease came simply with some encouragement from the cards! I was surprised with how much better I felt after pulling a card.  My daughters also enjoy this deck and it’s helped us create a more peaceful and loving vibe in our home. I’m super thankful for Gina Strole’s Healing Cards and highly recommend them to anyone looking for ease and flow in everyday life.

Annie Peguero

The Healing Card Deck is broken into four categories to help you create a more fulfilling life by tuning in to your messages.


Spiritual Connection




Self Care (physical healing)



Using this deck is simple, and I’ll show you how:


You set an intention, which can be in the form of a question.

“What is it I need to help me along my journey?”

Shuffle the cards.


From there, you can write your intention and which cards you pulled into your Healing Journal.

Play with this! Enjoy choosing 1-2 cards for each intention and exploring what this means.

If it tells you to “slow down,” ask yourself if it’s true that you’ve been keeping yourself too busy. 

Explore. Is this something you can change and add to your daily life? Then refer back to your journal once in a while to see how far you’ve come.

Discover the healing messages that have been trying so hard to reach you!

Special Card Deck & Journal Combo Kit


55 Card Deck & Journal

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Healing Card Deck


55 Card Deck

Order Deck

Healing Journal


60 Page Journal

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Gina Strole is an Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Medium, and an Abundance Coach. She supports her clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks in their energy system so they can fully step into their power. 

She was formally trained in several healing modalities with over a decade of experience. She has helped thousands of clients step out of their shame and guilt and step into their power and growth. Gina’s work includes guided meditations, self-paced online classes, in-person classes, a Healing Cards Deck, a healing community, and 1:1 sessions.