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Have any of these things ever happened to you?

✔️You walk into a crowded place, and suddenly you feel sad for no apparent reason.

✔️You’re with a friend, and they’re talking about an illness, and your heart starts pounding, and you feel worried (where did that come from???).

✔️You feel stressed when you were just calm a second ago.

✔️You feel frustrated and angry in specific parts of your home.

✔️You can’t stop thinking about disturbing things after watching the news.

Have you ever wondered what’s happening with these sudden “mood” swings?

Empaths: BE AWARE!

When you’re empathic, you’re like an open antenna picking up a signal for anything around you, even through social media with what you read and watch.

Without awareness, you absorb the thoughts and feelings of other people, making it seem like they are your own thoughts and feelings. But often, they’re not!


If you’re empathic, and I believe we all to varying degrees, you’re unknowingly sending out energetic “feelers” into the world. If you’re aware of it and know how to clear your energy and recognize which feelings are yours and which are not – THEN IT’S A GREAT ABILITY TO HAVE!

If you’re not aware of it, you can often feel:



✔️An inexplicable heaviness

✔️Sudden tiredness

✔️Unexplainable sadness

✔️Like you’re being weighed down, but you don’t know why.

Wouldn't it be nice to feel YOUR feelings?

Figure out who you really are when other people's opinions, thoughts, and ideas aren't in your energy field?

It's time to discover YOU. The real you.

Introducing the Empath Breakthrough Course. 

Becoming empowered when it comes to your energy is the most powerful tool I know! It's a game-changer for decision-making when you can identify which thoughts and emotions belong to you and which do not. 

You'll be making decisions based on your hearts-desires. Pure, uncluttered decisions!

It eliminates that feeling that you're making a choice that doesn't feel right, but you can't figure out why not.

Someone else's beliefs and judgments could be clouding your decisions! 

There's no need for you to be an energy magnet for other people's thoughts, feelings, and fears every time you walk outside!

When you learn how to clear your energy field, you can: Increase your confidence! 

✔️Feel more secure in your decision-making.

✔️Feel energetically lighter.

✔️Trust in your thoughts and feelings.

✔️Overall feel better.


Release beliefs that don't belong to you and step into the new you, the improved you!

Having abilities is not a curse; it’s a blessing.

This course is all about the discovery of you, who you are, your abilities, and how to use them to your benefit. 

Self-guided energy healing is a SUPER POWER that I share with you as you learn a new way of being and keeping your energy clear. 

You do not have to live by everyone else’s moods; you get to choose what you will accept and what you will reject

Patterns and habits have gotten you here, so learning some new practices and learning a new way of thinking through discovery will help so much along the way. 

When I first discovered that I was an Empath, It gave me words to describe myself that I had never had before.

Once I started clearing out my energy daily, it changed my life. I realized how much energy I picked up during the day and how I felt when my energy changed. I noticed that I just felt better; I was more in control of my emotions and feelings. I was clear-headed and able to make decisions better, feeling confident in the choices that I was making. It changed my life. 

I went from a scattered mess to feeling more confident and sure of myself than ever. Following a few easy steps, every day completely transformed my life. I went on from there to know when spirits were around and be able to feel the changes that happened when other energies were present in my energy field. 

This really is the beginning step for healing and for being able to discover your hidden abilities that are locked deep inside. 


If you are feeling confused about your emotions and feelings. If you are unsure what is going on inside of you, I would highly encourage you to start working with your energy field and see if it doesn't change your life. 

I have watched my clients literally change their lives as they discover who they really are by simply becoming aware of their energy fields and spending time every day clearing them out. Clearing out the chakras and releasing the extra energy they have gathered throughout the day is key to healing our energetic system. We all need to do clearing EVERY DAY!! If everyone did these few steps every day, the world would be a much different place. 

I'm ready to feel Amazing!


If you're honest, not understanding the invisible forces around you that can intrude on your energy field, it is downright SUCKS. 

  • It can leave you feeling as though you are a hot mess. Feeling like you're on a roller coaster ride and can't seem to get off. 
  • You're doing your best to clear and shield your energy, but you're simply NOT feeling the results. 
  • You have instant feelings that seem to come out of nowhere, and you wonder if you are losing your mind.
  • You have anxiety and feel like you want to crawl out of your own skin.
  • You've tried EVERYTHING, like smudging and imaging light bubbles, but just can't seem to get a good grip on it.
  • You feel overwhelmed by crowds and have a slew of emotions in crowded areas.
  • You can't put your finger on it, but you still have a heaviness at times that just doesn't feel like yours.
  • You might be reaching a point where you're worried you'll never figure it out. Maybe doing nothing and just surrendering to it is the answer. Unfortunately, it's not. This problem doesn't go away on its own, BUT you can solve it!


Truth bomb: You haven't done anything wrong, everything you've done and learned up to this point is worthwhile, AND I can help you take it a step further. Hence, you learn to clear your energy and stop accidentally being a magnet for energy that doesn't belong to you (this includes thoughts and feelings that aren't yours that you could be picking up on!). 

I know my private clients struggled with this, usually for their whole lives, and I'm excited that I can help so many more people through this self-paced program. 

It's time to become the boss of your energy and discover the superpower in your natural empathic abilities!

Hello, I’m Gina!

 I help my clients achieve clear feelings and learn to understand themselves on a deeper level with a combination of clearing techniques and learning to heal the empathic side. 

I am an Empath myself.

I didn't understand myself until I was well into my adult years. This got really bad for me the older I got. I got to the point where I avoided the grocery store or going to parties or out in public.

And then, I learned how to clear and heal my energy fields.

It completely changed my life. 

I know what it is like to not understand yourself or your feelings.

I know the fear that can come from having strange emotional or physical experiences, and not getting what is going on.

I have felt the feelings of wanting to shut down out of fear.

But there is a better way. 

I finally found the solution when I studied under some amazing energy healers and mediums.

The things I was taught changed my life.

I spent many years and lots of money to discover these techniques that I show you in this course.

I share all my secrets for healing and clearing your energy fields, and give you how-tos so you can learn to take care of yourself, and your energy, too. 

This Empath Course will teach you to clear out your energy, and beef up your energy fields so that they become stronger. 


One Time Payment



It’s time to master your energy while discovering the real you.

The Empath Breakthrough course is a self-paced journey to master your energy and connect to YOU. 

This is a 17-Module course that will change the way you feel forever.

17 Self-Paced Modules to help you understand your energy and clear anything from your energy field that isn’t YOU, including:


  • Understanding your empathic abilities (signs you are sensitive)
  • How to use a pendulum
  • Acceptance, using the pendulum for clearing, and gratitude
  • Your Auric field and you
  • The Chakra System Overview and information about each of the seven major chakras and how blockages can affect your physical and emotional body
  • Full chakra clearing routine
  • How to make spiritual hygiene sprays
  • How to use Sage for clearing


Each module contains Empowerment Exercises culminating in a full DIY Chakra Cleanse.

Bonus content:

Spiritual Hygiene Masterclass

Guided Energy Clearing and Healing Meditation

A Chakra Clearing Course full of Guided Chakra Clearing Meditations

Are you ready for a breakthrough???

What you'll get:

17 Self-Guided Videos.

  • How to take control of your feelings and emotions.
  • Empath protection tools.
  • How to take care of your energy.
  • Learn what is yours and what is others' emotions. 
  • Pdf Downloads
  • Clearing Meditations
    • To clear out your energy fields.
    • Learn to manage the energy around you.
  •  A Private Community inside kajabi.
    • Likeminded community members
    • Online support through Kajabi or Email to learn and grow as a healed Empath. 
    • A $2000.00 value, for $333.00
    • That's a savings of $1667.00


I'm Ready for a Breakthrough

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