Empath Breakthrough Course



Are you ready for a breakthrough? The Empath Breakthrough Online Course is a self-paced course with seventeen self-guided videos that teach you how to take control of your feelings and emotions and take care of your energy by learning what is yours and what is other's emotions.

This course also comes with Clearing Meditations to clear out your energy fields and to learn how to manage the energy around you.

AND so much more!


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30-Day Gratitude Challenge 


The Gratitude Journal 30-Day Challenge is designed to help refine your gratitude practice. You may experience increased happiness, improve your mental health, better sleep, and more creativity.

In 30 days, you too can rewire your brain. Are you ready to think in a completely different way?

Set aside time every day to write in this journal. Share your feelings (trust me on this.) Use the pages to write directly in them. They are to use, not to look pretty.

Gratitude's benefits start with feeling positive emotions, seeing experiences as good, improved health, aiding in dealing with adversity, and building stronger relationships.

More importantly, gratitude raises your vibration. When you have higher energy vibrations, you will enjoy positive emotions, and start feeling more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness. The best part is building a more robust immune system.

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Chakra Healing Course



This Chakra course is designed to introduce you to the roles of each chakra. Learning to work with chakras helps us balance out the energy in our life which leads to better health and well-being.

Learn to identify and release Chakra energy.

How to use chakra clearing to help you release extra or negative energy to heal.

Learn to use meditation as part of clearing for healing the body, mind, and soul.

What You’ll Receive:

Downloadable worksheets (pdf format).

Digital Videos and Audio Meditations for healing and Clearing.


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