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Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Hosted by: GINA STROLE

How to live your best, healed life using Spiritual guidance, healing and our intuition.

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Releasing Expectations of family and those closest to us.

Family can be hard when we expect them to do things as we would. Find out how to let that go.
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Being critical will get you nowhere. Do this instead

Are you critical of yourself? This learned behavior is not necessary. Do this instead.
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Letting go of expectations

Ego gets in our way when we expect the world to make us happy. Letting go of expectations makes you a happier person. Find out how.
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Anxiety Kicking your a$$

Learn how to kick your anxiety to the curb.
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Expect Miracles.

Learn to expect miracles to create a fantastic life.
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What is intuitive healing?

What the heck is intuitive healing? What can it do for you? Let me help you get the answers you seek,
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Tapping into Higher Stated of consciousness

How to stop listening to the road noise and stay on your spiritual path.
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Allowing your spiritual side to shine forth.

It is time we let the supernatural side of us become the normal way of being. See how in this episode of Wednesday's Words of Wisdom.
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Being Sensitive doesn't have to be hard

Being sensitive is a gift. It doesn't have to feel hard.
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Your Words matter

How to use positive words to create a more abundant life for yourself.
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Healing for the physical body

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Working with fear to heal your life

Fear can stop us in our tracks, but it doesn't have to. Join me while I chat about fear and how to heal the fears so you can let your light shine.
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