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4-week Abundance Activation Course

Are you ready to bring in more money?

What you'll get:

  • Extensive healing, coaching, and teaching. ($2000.00 Value)
  • Access to the Kajabi Classroom anytime to watch the class videos
  • Healing sessions in the classes to clear out your old beliefs and feelings about money. 
  • 6 Zoom Calls: We will clear out and heal all the beliefs about money and abundance holding you back from Claiming your abundance breakthroughs.
  •  Added bonus for full payment access to my Energy Clearing Guided Meditation (29.99 Value)
  • Gratitude Journal Download (44.00 Value)
  • Facebook group for added support.
  • A $2173 Value for $555
  • Class Starts January 2023


What People Are Saying:

I signed up for the abundance breakthrough class at a major turn point in my life. I was just leaving a place of business I had been at for 23 years to open my own business. That is some scary stuff right there. I really had no idea what to expect from this class but loved Gina’s energy and this class aligned with my life at this time. Omg let me tell you get out your kleenexes and get ready for some transformations in your life. I thought I would breeze through this class and the four weeks would fly by. Well they did but so did opening up wounds that I always knew were there but honestly didn’t realize that these events were what were keeping me from moving forward. I know the exact day that I started becoming overweight. I can share with you the conversation with a friend. It was a bet we had on who could gain the most weight. That was when I was 5 or 6. Gina helped me heal that little girl and I lost ten pounds during this class. Is this a weight loss class?! No, but I gained taking that little girl and that one incident in my life that I rarely speak about and with Gina’s help through this course and went back to that day and rewrote the story. Food is now not powerful for me anymore and I keep losing. You can see the difference in my face from week one of the videos to week four. I also now have a positive relationship with money. We have gone from two large paychecks down to just one and I’m not bothered by that. The money we need to survive is coming in through different areas and I couldn’t have figured that out without taking this course. So if you are doubting taking this course, don’t. I read the testimonials and waited until the last day to sign up but I’m so glad that I did. It’s a game changer for sure!!!!

Melissa Ainslie

During and after completing your 30 day gratitude challenge, I had experienced so many positive changes, in my life, big and small, that I felt compelled to take the abundance course to continue growing and changing. Yes, I was hoping to create an abundance of wealth for myself and family in the form of money. I seen changes in our finances happen even if it was small. But I know that there are other abundances in my life that were meant to happen and continue to happen that are more important than the wealth. My family now has the abundance of love and happiness in being together that we have never had. And I know this will continue to grow as I am growing and having faith in myself. I believe these things needed to happen, before abundance in wealth, so that we can all enjoy it together as a family.

Sandra Bess